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It's been a long while since I've done a post on Girls Who Grind Coffee, and a few weeks ago they brought out a tripych of coffees.

El Salvador coffees are something that I hadn't tried before a couple of months ago, and the girls bringing out this trio made me definitely want to explore them more.

These coffee's are produced by 3 Boza sisters of Finca San Antonio Amatepec, and includes a washed, honey and natural process (spoiler alert, they're all delicious) 

I've been really getting back into V60's recently (anyone else get seriously addicted to using just one piece of equipment and forgetting about the rest? same) 
So recipe wise I kept it pretty simple and used the same recipe for all 3 coffees

23g of coffee
320ml of water
3 minutes 25 seconds
with 30 second bloom time

Honey Processed - San Salvador - Bourbon Varietal 
Taste Notes: Shortbread, Lemon Curd and Honeycomb 

I found this coffee so citrus-y (in such an amazing way!!!) it was such a welcome acidity from the citrus notes, and as it cooled down it became such a mellow sweet coffee, wow would drink all the time - I'm relatively new to honey processed coffee and I've not been seeing them around for too long, so I'm guessing its a new trend for coffee farmers? Or I'm just super out of the loop, but if you are new to honey processed coffees I'd definitely recommend this one to start you off. Such complex taste notes of the citrus with mellower tones, yum!!! 

Natural - San Salvador - Bourbon Varietal 
Taste Notes: Dark Chocolate and Sloe Gin

This coffee is so good for the mid day slump, the boozy notes really give you a zingy feeling, and with super chocolatey notes throughout you're really getting the best of both worlds. This coffee has a medium acidity level (my brew certainly did anyway, let me know if you found different!!) but it worked so, so well with the flavour notes, it was a super rounded cup of coffee and like I said really perks you up when you need it! 

Washed - San Salvador - Bourbon Varietal 

I found this coffee bloomed so well (normally I don't comment on how good the bloom was but damn, you could literally see the gasses releasing in this coffee, much wow) - This washed coffee was so smooth and mellow and continued to get more mellow the more it cooled down. It had super nutty notes, with fruity and syrup-y after tones, which is what I love in coffees.

I found it super crazy how different all 3 processes can taste, obviously there was certainly going to be, but its crazy how many different taste notes they have, and how super delicious they are in their own ways. 

In a few days time, look out for a sneaky little giveaway where you can win the chance to win all 3 of these coffees (stay tuned on here and Instagram on Thursday 1st November) 

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