Huge Christmas Gift Guide For Coffee Lovers

It's that time of year again, where friends and family are clueless on what to get their coffee obsessed humans.

I have spent so much time putting this blog post together so I do hope you find this helpful, and please be aware that this blog post does contain some affiliate links*

Under £10

Letter Mug - ASOS - £5 down from £10

Everyone needs a mug with the first initial of their name on it, but then again it's not always typically something you tend to buy for yourself, so for a cheap but meaningful present, this is definitely the one. 


Name and meaning mug - Personalised Gift Shop - £5

Along the same lines, you also have the name and meaning mug, and again definitely not something you'd typically buy for yourself, but how cute would this be to unwrap on Christmas Day? 
The good thing about this mug is you can add your own meanings to the name of the person you are buying it for (amazing!!)


V60 Papers - Amazon - £6.50

Who doesn't need more V60 filters in their life? And with an 100 pack they definitely wont be running out any time soon, this would be a perfect stocking filler as well.


Espresso Scented Candle - Amazon - £9.38

Not only is this packaging gorgeous, who doesn't want an espresso scented candle in their life? With 50 hours burn time you'd definitely be getting a aromatic stimulation hit.


Reusable Aeropress Filter - Amazon - Twin Pack £8.49

As the world becomes more aware on waste, reusable aeropress filters are amazing gift for someone who is wanting to reduce the use of single use items. I know that definitely this is a product that will become increasingly more popular in 2019.


Another product that that is becoming increasingly popular are collapsible cups, and they're super cool too! A perfect stocking filler

Under £20

Coffee - £7.50 - £15 

There are so many good places to get coffee, I thought I'd share some of my favourites to get coffee, and to most of you these definitely wont be a surprise

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Untold Coffee

River Coffee 

The Roasting Party

Redemption Roasters

Luckie Beans Coffee Roasters

Bad Hand Coffee

Fuelled By Caffeine Store - £10.99 - £20.00

Of course I had to mention Izzy's store - from mugs, tote bags and jumpers you've got plenty of variety.

Mugs - £10.99

T-shirts - £20.00

Tote Bags - £12.50

Under £50

If you've read my blog post CBD cold brew, you know I rave about CBD oil, and minor figures have come out with some (wooo) it comes in 2 flavours, original and peppermint, and would be perfect as a little stocking filler for someone.

Aeropress - £25-£30

The New Rules Of Coffee: A Modern Guide For Everyone - Amazon - £11.99

Written by the founders of Sprudge, this book appeals to anyone who has a remote interest in coffee

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful these are... 

Over £50

Now we're getting onto the price-y side of things, and presents you'd only buy someone if you really, really, really liked them!!! 

how :) freaking :) beautiful :)

Acaia Lunar Scales - £249.99

For the person you really, really, really love

I actually remember the kick-starter page for the Gina, and I have actually used one and confirm that they are an amazing piece of equipment and technology and if you have the money you should definitely try it out.

If you need some more gift ideas, I also did a blog post in May of this year, read that here

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it helped some people to gather what to buy for their coffee loving friends.

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