Two Chimps Coffee

 *this coffee was kindly gifted to me by the team at Two Chimps*

The lovely Ellie at Two Chimps got in contact with me and asked if I would like to try their coffee, of course it was a no brainer after doing a little research of what amazing things they do and create. 

Who are Two Chimps Coffee?

"Awesome coffee. No nonsense. Freshly roasted, ethically sourced coffee and coffee subscriptions tailored for you from a climate positive coffee company. 
What's more, with your first order, we will plant a tree"

Two Chimps are on a mission to fill the gap between pod machine coffee drinkers and speciality coffee drinkers by offering fresh, hand roasted, speciality coffee straight to your door. 
Two Chimps focus on hand roasted, ethically sourced, single origin coffees direct from their roastery in Rutland. Their coffees come from small farms and cooperatives from around the globe. This makes their coffee extra special because when a coffee runs out, it's gone for good. 
They pay between 30-150% more than the "going rate" for green coffee to make sure that farmers that lovingly grow and harvest such superior coffee are paid correctly for their work and effort. 

The Coffee


A single origin coffee from the farm Ibisi in Rwanda. Grown at 1700 MASL, this washed coffee is juicy and bright with a toffee sweetness as it cools. 

More about the coffee - behind the scenes:
After the success of the Gitega Hills washing station, Bernard Uwitije has set up the Ibisi Mountain Hills washing station too. He loved the outcome of fully washed speciality coffee and wanted to do more; which is why he set up this second washing station - with the same high quality as that of Gitega Hills.
After the coffee cherries arrive, they are floated and separated before being pulped and fermented. When the mucilage is loose enough, it is washed off. The beans are then dried under shade netting for a couple of days and then moved onto raised beds to dry in the sunshine for a further 15-22 days. 
Located in Southern Rwanda close to the source of the river Nile, this fantastic coffee certainly lives up to Bernard's reputation.
This washed African coffee is a real treat.

For this coffee I brewed it in the classic V60 (and look at me investing in a server!!) 

The recipe

20g of Coffee
300ml of Water
30 second bloom and agitation, 45ml water
3 minute 25 second total brew time

(lets just pretend I didn't spill this everywhere, being your own photographer is hard)

This coffee came out tasting super bright and fruity with more of a particular grapefruit acidity. As it cooled, it became more syrupy sweet with the acidity becoming more subtle and punchy.
Overall this was a delicious brew, and I cant wait to finish this bag in a few days (it's been going down real fast!)

Two Chimps Coffee kindly gifted me a subscription to their coffee meaning that in a week or so there will be another blog post showcasing another one of their fabulous coffees - stay tuned for that! 

In the meantime, please go and support these guys, they do incredible work and their traceability for their coffee is absolutely incredible. WE LOVE TRACEABLE COFFEE!! 
The passion these lovely people put in shines through their coffee, and they have definitely made it on to my list to order from in the future. 

Where to find Two Chimps Coffee

Website (which has amazing graphics!!) - Here

Instagram - Here