UE Coffee Roasters - Rwanda (Dog and Hat Box)

 I recently re-subscribed to my favourite subscription box - Dog and Hat (if you don't know who they are by now, do you even like discovering coffee?!) Check out lots of previous posts including them here

Dog and Hat Subscription mail out delicious coffee straight to your door each month, I used to do one box in one blog post, but we're going to change things up a bit, and showcase each coffee individually over the space of a week.

There are a few reasons for this;

1. Dog and Hat week on The Coffee Life sounds pretty cool

2. The coffees Su and Dave send out each month are so incredible, I feel like they deserve a whole post to showcase each coffee

3. That's it, that's all the reasons I have

Anyway, enough rambles 

The coffee I'll be showcasing today is a very exciting one - UE Coffee Roasters

A company that I am always seeing all over Instagram, and one that has been on my list to try for a long while, so .. Who are UE Coffee Roasters?

UE Coffee are an independently owned and family run business, who are forever curious and ready to transform the way coffee is served.

Established in 2009 by Dominic and Daniella Boyett, the mission was to offer great coffee whilst making it accessible to everyone. They have dedicated the last decade and more to learning, working hard and building more than just another coffee brand. They have learned that it takes a team with passion and determination in the pursuit of excellence to make a company great.

Experience is something they cherish and harness to be the best they can be, whether it is from the experience from their customers, in their own retail stores or through their wholesale partners. It takes time and considerable training to learn how to get the best from coffee, to understand the roasting process, the science and to be able to offer first-rate support to their customers.

A great deal of work is involved in sourcing speciality grade and experimental micro-lot coffees ensuring that they buy both ethically and sustainable from growers with direct longstanding trading relationships

"It is our responsibility to honour the hard work already invested in the coffee by roasting it to showcase its distinctive qualities. Roasting is one of the most delicate and critical parts of the process that leads to a great cup of coffee. We want to ensure that we focus on showcasing what makes a particular variety, origin or farm so thrilling"

Roaster used by EU Coffee: Giesen

UE Coffee Box with "Your Greatest Adventure Begins Here" written on


From David Rubanzangabo's farm in the Huye District of Rwanda.
Some of Rwanda's highest quality quality coffee has been grown in the micro-region of Huye, including some high placing lots in the Cup of Excellence competition. Huye Mountain Coffee is an organisation run by David Rubanzangabo devoted to increasing the quality of coffee grown in the Huye region. This includes training sessions for the local farmers in using the best agronomic practices and is largely focused on benefitting the communities in which they operate as production of better coffee means higher prices will be achieved.

David's experience has been significant in the improvement of coffee quality here; coffee cherries are carefully handpicked and then floated in water tanks to separate the high density, high quality cherries that sink from the lower density ones that floats. In this naturally processed coffee the cherries are laid out  to dry in their fruit skin on raised beds for 3 to 4 weeks before being further processed for export. This produces a very high scoring coffee that is juicy and sweet with some delicious tropical fruit and cherry-like characteristics.

SCA Score: 87

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1600-2300 MASL

Variety: Bourbon

Taste: Tropical Fruit, Dark Chocolate

I found my favourite way to brew this coffee was through Kalita Wave, the flat bottom brewer giving a more even extraction throughout the brew, bringing out as much flavour as possible.


30g of Coffee

500ml Water

70g Bloom, 45 Seconds with Agitation

4 Minute Total Brew Time

The first sip of this coffee gave me huge mango bursts, a super smooth and silky mouthfeel with next to no acidity, it had some definite stone fruit complexity with a slight chocolate after tone. 

This coffee is absolutely delicious, the box went super quickly, and I'm sad that it's gone, but it proves how delicious it really was. I'm super pleased that UE Coffee Roasters have lived up to all of the expectations I had from this coffee, and I can definitely see why EVERYONE in the coffee industry has been raving about this company.

I've even placed an order for a new and exciting coffee they had on pre-release, so stay tuned for when that arrives!! 

Find EU Coffee Roasters

Website - here

Instagram - here

The other two coffees to look forward to from this box are Steampunk Coffee Roasters and Kiss The Hippo

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