Kiss The Hippo - Peru (Dog and Hat Box)

 The second coffee we are highlighting from the June Dog and Hat box is Kiss The Hippo, who I have previously blogged about in one of the One Click Coffee Boxes. 

If you're unsure on who Kiss The Hippo are, let me introduce them!

Based in the neighbourhood of Richmond, London. Kiss The Hippo Coffee was established in 2018 and is managed by a dynamic and passionate team united by a shared love of coffee.

At Kiss The Hippo they want to make the journey from farm to cup as direct, ethical and sustainable as possible. They believe in transparency in our supply chain and expect their suppliers to uphold to their standards. They are committed to supporting producers at origin who share their values by developing long-term relationships with them. 

They are proud to have become a totally carbon negative coffee company, with all of their coffees, coffee pods and coffee products certified carbon negative. What does this mean? Well they offset all of the carbon they produce with international reforestation initiatives.

Roaster used by Kiss The Hippo: Loring S15

From Gloria, Elmer and Elvis Arevalo's farm in the Cajamarca region of Peru.

On two hectares of land high up in Northern Peru, where the wind from the Pacific collides with the Andes, sits Gloria Rafael Arevalo's coffee farm. Her husband Elmer and son Elvis run the farm, growing a mix of Peruvian coffee staples like this lot of Catuai. Peru is one of the most rugged coffee growing environments, with extremely high altitude farms on challenging mountains. Produces like the Arvalos reveal their considerable skill as they work to create exceptionally unique and delicious lots in place with such dramatic geography.

This is our (KTH) first natural process from Peru, a country that typically produces almost exclusively washed coffee. With the explosion of speciality coffee has come an interest from progressive producers like the Arvalos in experimenting and creating adventurous lots like this one.

Bursting with sweetness, it still holds on to a sense of balance with a refreshing acidity and the synergy of flavour notes giving it incredible structure. The coffee becomes more complex when brewed at a lower ratio, while a higher ratio amplifies its intensity. 

SCA Score: 87.5

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1700MASL

Variety: Catuai

Taste: Caramelised Pineapple, Haribo

I chose the V60 to brew this coffee, with my basic go-to recipe

15g of Coffee

250g of Water

30g Bloom for 30 Seconds, with Agitation

3 Minute 10 Second Total Brew Time

This coffee had some super sweet, zesty tangerine notes, with a sugar syrup feel. Super smooth going down, this coffee delighted me with more citrus notes with the sweet and subtle hint of pineapple. 
A delicious brew overall, I always enjoy everything I've had from Kiss The Hippo!

Find Kiss The Hippo

Website - here

Instagram - here

The last coffee from the June coffee box will be Steampunk Coffee!