Cafe Shroom - Peru

 Today we have a super exciting coffee on The Coffee Life - A coffee infused with Mushroom Extract (wow, I'm surprised there was mush-room for that!! I'll see myself out)

Dan got in touch with me over Instagram and asked if I wanted to try out a bag of his coffee, and of course I said yes, so this coffee was kindly gifted to me. 

So, who are Cafe Shroom?

While living in Australia, Cafe Shroom's founder Dan was introduced to the world of functional mushrroms. Initially just adding a little Lion's Mane to his coffee every morning, Dan was amazed by his increased focus and lack of mind fog. Excited by this discovery he took a dive into the world of funghi. Dan's vision then became clear - to make this incredibly powerful superfood accessible for everyone. The Cafe Shroom mushroom coffee bag was born!

We work with global suppliers who provide the very best quality medicinal extract

For thousands of years, mushrooms have been used in traditional medicine to help keep the body functioning at its best, but they're not the easiest superfood to introduce into everyday life. 

Instead of selling "just another superfood", Cafe Shroom's founder Dan wanted to find an easy, one-stop-shop that would neatly fit into busy daily schedules. Given that coffee is one of the most popular beverages on the planet, he had an idea to combine the two, without ever sacrificing on taste or effectiveness.

Supporting Global Coffee-Growing Communities

"We only work with products and suppliers that pledge to support farmers, their workers and their communities because we believe in giving back to the people who make our delicious cup of coffee possible."

SCA Score: 84
Altitude: 1300-1800MASL
Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra 
Process: Fully washed

The Shrooms

Lion's Mane Mushroom
Referred to as the smart mushroom by leading Mycologist Paul Stamets. This is down to its claimed benefits in brain function and memory retention. This is due to Lions Mane ability to stimulate nerve growth factor synthesis in the brain. Nerve growth factor is a protein in the brain that plays a huge role in the health of your neurons. Specifically, it helps to maintain as well as regenerate neurons.

Chaga Mushroom
Chaga mushroom is wildly sourced from the Siberian forest where it naturally grows on the tree trunks of Birch Trees. Scientifically proven to be packed with anti-oxidants it is also used to support your immune system and general health.

Cordycep Mushroom
Although only becoming known in the West over the last thirty years, the Cordycep Mushroom strains have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries. Before artificial fertilisation they were only found growing from the carcasses of dead insects at high altitudes. Today its many uses are being widely recognised, making the Cordycep Mushroom a highly valuable nutrient in your diet. Villagers living in the high mountains of Tibet claim consuming Cordycep Mushrooms gave them increased endurance at high altitude.

Lets Brew 

Brewer: Clever Dripper

20g Coffee
300ml Water

Process: Full water in, coffee in, agitate for 10 seconds
Brew Time: 3 minutes
30 second draw down time

The first aromas I got from this coffee was a mix of chocolate and biscuits (much like a digestive!) 
The coffee came out tasting very chocolatey whilst still warm, and once cooled became much more mellow, with flavours of subtle berries and earthy tones taking the place of chocolate. 
I let Dom taste a sip without tasting what it was, and he agreed that it was more earthy than most coffees (which wasn't unpleasant at all!) the earthiness added a huge depth that I don't think I've had in a speciality coffee blended with anything else before, and it was a delightful surprise! 

If you were to give me this coffee and not tell me what it was, I would never guess that it had been infused with mushrooms, and I can recommend anyone to try this, whether they're into mushrooms or not! The coffee being a high quality speciality bean makes it an incredible cup, and infused with mushrooms made it even better (it definitely gave me the zoomies when I had it in the morning!)

Please check out Cafe Shroom, a speciality coffee blended with Mushrooms!

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