Two Chimps Coffee - Honduras

 Welcome back to the second post from Two Chimps Coffee! If you missed the first blog post about these guys, click here to read.

Two Chimps Coffee have kindly gifted me three coffees in their coffee subscription, so there will be one more post all about them very soon!

Who are Two Chimps Coffee?

"Awesome coffee. No nonsense. Freshly roasted, ethically sourced coffee and coffee subscriptions tailored for you from a climate positive coffee company. 
What's more, with your first order, we will plant a tree"

Two Chimps are on a mission to fill the gap between pod machine coffee drinkers and speciality coffee drinkers by offering fresh, hand roasted, speciality coffee straight to your door. 
Two Chimps focus on hand roasted, ethically sourced, single origin coffees direct from their roastery in Rutland. Their coffees come from small farms and cooperatives from around the globe. This makes their coffee extra special because when a coffee runs out, it's gone for good. 
They pay between 30-150% more than the "going rate" for green coffee to make sure that farmers that lovingly grow and harvest such superior coffee are paid correctly for their work and effort. 

There's a Chimp in my Kitchen - Honduras

Produced solely at San Isidro III, Copan, this outstanding natural was produced during a year when rain and a lack of pickers made harvesting difficult. To process, this coffee was macerated in barrels before sun drying for 20 to 30 days, where it was turned hourly.

Honduras - Francis Arturo Romero - Single Farm
Process - Macerated Natural
Altitude - 1200MASL

A really interesting coffee. Find a thick, fudge-like body followed by an abundance of cherry and plum-like acidity. Yeah baby!

Lets Brew

Brewer: V60

20g of Coffee
300g of Water
3 Minute Brew Time

Process: Bloom 30 seconds, 40g of water, agitate - further 3 pours to reach total brew weight with a total time of 3 minutes.

This coffee came out incredibly fruity, with some punchy stone fruit (more specifically plum and cherry) acidity - it felt super syrupy on the tongue, which was welcomed with more dark, ripe plum notes. 
I haven't had a coffee as fruity as this in a while, and some of my favourite notes to find in coffee are stone fruit, so this coffee was a definite treat for me.

Look out for the next Two Chimps post coming soon!

Where to find Two Chimps Coffee

Website (which has amazing graphics!!) - Here

Instagram - Here