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Dog and Hat Coffee Subscription Box 6

Happy Blogmas Day 13
It's time for the October box from Dog and Hat. 

We have another two great roasters in this months box. 
Unorthodox Coffee Roasters
Rounton Coffee Roasters.

Unorthordox Roasters
In 2015, the Unorthodox Roasters spent over 10 months in all the major producing countries in South and Central America: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala... then eventually we returned, laced with enthusiasm, to set up a roastery in Scotland.
What began as a crazy idea has now transpired into a reality. Now we roast coffee for a living. We put all of our effort into continuous improvement of our cafes and products. We create an atmosphere that keeps people coming back for more. 
Our staff have cordiality. Our cafe has character. Our coffee has attitude.

The beans 
Cycle Psycho 
Origin - Rwenzori Mountains, Western Uganda
Producer - Great Lakes Coffee
Varietal - SL14, SL28
Process - Natural 
Altitude - 1300-1550MASL
Taste Notes - Peach, Melon, Booze

The brew

V60 Brew
18g of Coffee
275ml of Water
3 Minute Total Brew Time
40ml Bloom, 30 Seconds, 5 Second Agitation 

With its boozy acidity, this coffee really packs a punch. It has some subtle fruity flavours, but mainly you do get that really boozy flavours (perfect for the mid afternoon slump) delicious. 

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Rounton Coffee Roasters
Rounton are situated in North Yorkshire surrounded by beautiful scenery which inspires them to produce only the finest speciality coffee.
They understand that working with quality focused suppliers is paramount to running a successful business, and they pride themselves on being able to source and provide only the highest quality speciality coffees that are freshly roasted in small batches.
All their green beans have been ethically sourced and can be tracked right back to origin. Their importers have wonderful working relations with all the farmers and have personally visited every farm. 

The beans

Colombia - Luz Mila Chasoy
Varietal - Caturra, Colombia
Process - Honey
Taste - Strawberry, Lime, Butterscotch 

   The brew

V60 Brew
18g of Coffee
275ml of Water
3 Minute Total Brew Time
40ml Bloom, 30 Seconds, 5 Second Agitation 

This coffee came out super sweet, super syrupy with a delicious fruity acidity and buttery mouth feel. Very true to the taste notes, just a generally delicious brew.

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