Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied in 2019 - Part 2

If you missed part 1 of Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied in 2019, click here

Were just going to jump straight back in ...

Moon Roast Coffee 

1+2. Karisimbi Rwanda 

3. Gitwe, Rwanda 

Both of these Rwandas were incredible, and like I keep saying, Moon Roast are producing some incredible coffees! 

Sendero - Guatemala
Phoar, this coffee was definitely in my top 10 from 2019, it was amazing 

Mok Speciality Coffee - Dimtu Tero Farm, Ethiopia

200 Degrees Coffee - Panama 
This was one of the first coffees I had from my first ever One Click Box!

39 Steps - El Mural, El Salvador 

DT Coffee

1. Huila Colombia

2. North Kivu, Congo 

3. KOKE, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Perky Blenders - One Click Blend 
Ethiopia, Duromina and Rwanda, Gitwe 

The Roastery at Bella Barista 
Camocim, Brazil

Luckie Beans Coffee Roasters - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe
I got to try a few coffees from Luckie Beans last year, they are doing some great things!

River Coffee - Filena Zeledon, Nicaragua 

Heart and Graft (another company doing some great things!!) 

1. Chateau 76 - Ethiopia Kochere Debo 

2.Chateau 76 - Kenya Kagumoini

3. Crazyhorse - D.R Congo, Hutwe

4. Miriam Perez, Honduras Microlot

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Oh these girls! You all know I could rave about them until the end of time! 
I you read last years Empties you'll remember that most of them were GWGC. They're just incredible people doing incredible things.

Girl Crush Espresso - Nueva Florida, Junin, Peru 

Honduras Microlot

Dr Congo, Decaf - my favourite ever decaf (and the caffeinated version is still my favourite coffee I've EVER had!)

El Salavador - Natural and Washed 

Godeo Zone, Ethiopia, Decaf

Abakundakawa Rushashi, Rwanda 
One of the best Rwanda's I drank in 2019!!! 

The biggest bundle comes from of course - Untold Coffee, in 2019 Untold had a subscription service (which obviously I had to subscribe to!!) I'm just going to list these and leave the links to the 8 posts I did on these to save you the time of reading through them!

- Love Potion, Costa Rica, Honduras, Kenya 

- River Coffee - Uraga Samii, Ethiopia 

- Horsham Roasters - Apanaca Llamatepec, El Salvador

- San Luis, Costa Rica 

- El Cipres Estate, El Salvador 

- Craft House - Finca Palacios, Guatemala 

- River Coffee - Northern Rift Valley, Kenya 

- San Salvador, El Salvador 

- Illicnea, Sul De Minas, Brazil

- Craft House - Berrador, Brazil

- Cyarumbo Estate, Huye District, Rwanda 

- GWGC - San Antonio Huista, Huehuetenango, Guatemala 

- Craft House - Villa Moreno, Colombia 

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