Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied in 2019 - Part 3

If you've missed parts 1 and 2 click here and here 

Eco Coffee

Eco kindly sent me over 4 x 1kg bags of coffee, I wont lie, I didn't drink them all. There came a time where they were too old to even fathom drinking - however I did enjoy the lightest of the roasts. 

read the blog post!

Nord Coffee - Rulindo District, Rwanda 

Quarter Horse - Las Cotorras, Mexico
This was also my first maragogype beans of 2019! 

Farm Boy Brews - Depresso Espresso 
James is doing some incredible things not just for coffee, but for raising awareness of mental health in the coffee industry, I cant wait to see what he comes out with in 2020 (and finally do a huge blog post all about it!!)


1. Senor Mono, Guatemala

2. Mr Wolf, Brazil, Colombia and Honduras

Both of these came in my first ever Dog and Hat box, however I never got round to blogging about them, but I can confirm that they were both absolutely delicious through espresso.

Clifton Coffee - Aricha Ethiopia
I think this was my first full bag I had purchased from Clifton, I cant wait to try more throughout 2020.

Climpson and Sons - Sasaba, Ethiopia

Two highlights from 2019!

Mission Coffee - Ipicoara, Brazil 
This was from a coffee swap I did with a guy called Michael from Ohio, and wow!!! 

Calendar Coffee - Vitaliano Merino, Ecuador 

Monsoon Estates - Nicaragua Maragogype

Gentleman Baristas - Boater, Honduras 
I've already raved about the amazing people at Gentleman Baristas! 

Unorthodox Roasters - Cycle Psycho, Uganda

Untold Coffee - Jeremy Abadi, Colombia 
(we've already talked about this one in part 1!!) 

Cafe Salomao - Sirlei Cezar, Brazil
I received this coffee from the coffee exchange Third Wave, from a lovely guy in Brazil! How amazing is that!!! 

Oven Heaven - Waturi AA, Kenya 

Limini Coffee - Antigua, Guatemala 

Girls Who Grind Coffee -  Gaitania Tolima, Colombia 
(apparently one coffee slipped away from the bundle of GWGC in part 2!!) 

Colonna - Santa Sofia, Costa Rica 
Another fantastic coffee from Colonna 

Loudmouth - Myanmar Ywangan 
My first ever Myanmar coffee I purchased! 

The total number of coffee bags I finished in 2019 was 122! That's actually INSANE! 
I hope 2020 is filled with the same caffeinated goodness. 

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