Oh it's been a while...

Well it's been a while, hasn't it?

I want to say first that I'm grateful that even when I take a break from blogging, my stats and blog views don't go down massively - so thank you to anyone who takes the time to read anything on this blog. 

So... what's been happening?

- Pallets put on another great event with Moonroast, (and we have another date lined up too! Buy your tickets here)

For some reason they trusted me to help them set up the cupping table.

- Team Pallets attended the first Hampshire Coffee Collective cupping event in Winchester. Some incredible coffees were cupped.

(all credit for these great photos go to Amy)

- Izzy named me as her favourite blogger of 2019 (and yes I did cry like a baby reading all the lovely things she said about me)

You can read her "stars of 2019" blogpost here

- That YouTube video I was meant to put out - the files corrupted and I cried about it. But, there will be videos coming soon!! I'll make sure of it. 

- In terms of blogging, I'm back.... I think, just bare with me whilst I get back into the blogging mojo.
(I've also made the decision to not try and attempt to blog everyday in May this year, so you'll all be saved from that) - but more importantly there are lots of exciting things coming on The Coffee Life in 2020.

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