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Since I've taken some time off, it means I have a heck of a lot of posts to catch up on - so we're going to start with a lovely Beans Coffee Club box I received back in December. 

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Since the last post, beans have changed their packaging to be post box friendly (a HUGE bonus to any coffee subscription) and to be more recyclable materials, a win win for both! 

In this box I received a lovely Costa Rican from Pharmacie Roasters - Pharmacie are a small micro-roastery in the heart of Brighton and Hove.
Pharmacie is an environmentally conscious speciality coffee roaster and coffee house. They source high grade Arabica beans ethically and roast them carefully. 

The Beans
Costa Rica - San Francisco
Owner: Edgar Fallas Solis 
Process: Natural
Varietal: Caturra, Catuai 
Altitude: 1800MASL
Taste Notes - Sweet and juicy with notes of cranberry, raisins and raspberry jam. 

Edgar Fallas Solis and his wife Ligia and son William own San Francisco, a 10-12 hectare coffee farm intercropped with avocados, citrus and banana trees. Edgar is the second generation working on this 55 year old arm originally planted with Caturra with the addition o Catuai and Catimor varietals.
Protecting the environment is important for the family. Biodynamic teechnics are used in the farm and an awareness of climate change means adapting farming techniques.
At the peak of the season, 15 people working with the family to harvest the cherries. The farm are members of the Asoproaaa Coop where microlots are processed to ensure the quality and consistency.


V60 brew
18g of Coffee
250g of Water
30 Second Bloom with 35g of Water
Total brew time 3.30min-4 minute

 I got to try Pharmacie coffee for the first time last year at Brighton Coffee Festival and LOVED it so I was super excited to try out their single origins and this Costa Rican did not disappoint. The quality of this coffee was incredible, it brewed super well whichever way (v60 or a lazy french press) it was super versatile whilst being consistent in flavours.
 It had a super consistent jammy sweetness (and I love me some jam), super sweet and smooth with underlying berry notes throughout.
Even when it cooled down it didn't turn acidic, it just added to the fruitiness of the brew. 
Super delicious.

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