Gift Guide - Coffee Accessories

Everyone loves coffee, but there is loving coffee, and there is LOVING coffee.

And nothing I love more at Christmas than to receiving little nick nacks to do with coffee, so I've compiled this big gift guide with coffee accessories and merchandise.

*some of these links use affiliate codes*

(and of course were starting with a plug for my own store)

The Coffee Life Co

TCL T-shirt (white or black!) - £14

Fuelled By Caffeine 


Keep Cup - £12.50

Sweater - £25
I am PINING over this sweater

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Tshirts - £25 


A sustainable way to reuse coffee grounds. They also burn for 20% longer than any dry wood. 

A cute addition to any coffee lovers sofa. 

The perfect addition to any ones keys. 

Lip balm that tastes of coffee? Perfect.

Every Barista needs hand cream, but treat your barista buddies to a specially made barista balm


If I was to pick anything off this list, it would be these. I LOVE them.

For those people who are still using CBD oil after coffee - Minor Figures have a great one if you're looking to mellow out after a strong coffee

Minor Figures CBD Oil

I am always forever pining after all of the badges that Department of Brewology have, I LOVE them

I think that's a good place to end this post. There are endless possibilities with coffee accessories. If you have anymore great ones, leave them in the comments below - so other readers can find more awesome stuff.