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In my recent gift guide posts - subscription boxes (you can read here) I briefly mentioned a company called Crosby. They kindly sent over a few of their subscription service coffees which will be featuring on this blog post and a few in the near future. 

Crosby Coffee has become the go-to destination for Liverpool coffee lovers over the past few years. Proud to roast delicious coffee in their beloved home town of Crosby, Liverpool, right next door to their beautiful coffee shop. Serving the latest coffee creations and offering the local community something different upon each visit. 
Our industry knowledge is the foundation to our business, we pride ourselves on assisting our customers individual needs and will go above and beyond to meet those requirements. 
Our retail and wholesale customers are given access to our team of experts and resources which include our 7 SCA trained staff and private training/tasting room.
We boast an in-house green coffee buying team with forward contracts in place and separate storage facilities for risk management.
With an in-house engineer we can also offer pro-active technical support, quicker response time and bespoke packages to suit your own requirements.

A letterbox handy size box is always an absolute bonus when receiving coffee (because trust me there is nothing worse than having to wait until the next day to go to your collection office to collect your coffee, however shout out to my trusty postman who saw me cry because he took away my coffee once and now always leaves it in my safe place, big up Mark at Royal Mail, he deserves a pay rise)

The coffee I received in this box was their classic espresso blend - Iron Man.

The beans 

Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala
Process - Natural and Washed
Taste Notes - Fruit and Nut, 5 Spice, Dark Chocolate

We cracked open this brew with a mokka pot. 
Since I've found a regular recipe to use, I'm feeling more and more confident brewing with the mokka pot now (woohoo)

I seem to always use 14-15g of coffee, and pop it over a medium heat and just let it do its thang - and always remember to run it under cold water when it's finished spurting out so it doesn't over extract. 

I brewed up two espressos, one just a regular espresso, and one to add milk to.

As an espresso 

- Lots of sweet spices, dark chocolate acidity. It was super balanced as an espresso. Definitely got the flavour notes spot on for this one. Sweet spices like nutmeg and cloves. Absolutely delicious.

With milk

- Super smooth, the dark chocolate acidity was definitely balanced out by the milk making it a lovely mellow flat white. Delicious sweet notes with no bitterness.

Overall this espresso blend was great. Super balanced flavours, no overwhelming acidity, and seems to be a super consistent roast for every brew. 

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Look out for another Crosby Coffee Post soon