2020 Goals For The Coffee Life

Were back and talking about goals - if you remember earlier this year when I did a post on my goals for 2019, read here - I am a big goal setter, it comes with being quite ambitious with myself. (and the fact that if I don't write things down I will forget) 

So I thought I'd do a post specifically about goals for The Coffee Life

2020 goals for The Coffee Life

Collaborate with more coffee companies 
- Over 2019 I have collaborated with a lot of new brands, and I have been LOVING it! 
I have found a new motivation on my blog interacting with more brands and people online and offline, and it's truly been incredible to see how it's affected me and my blog for the better.

Start vlogging
- It's something I say every year, BUT I'm actually going to do it. I have so many amazing ideas and plans in my head for small videos and vlogs and travels, so look out for The Coffee Life YouTube soon! 

Have an upload schedule for the blog 
- I'm thinking 1 or 2 blog posts a week (to be confirmed) but, I'm determined to have a set upload schedule for The Coffee Life 

Travel more 
- Coffee really can take you anywhere, and one thing I loved about 2019 was exploring new places and exploring so many new coffee shops, I have a lot of exciting trips planned for 2020 so I cant wait to explore more coffee, more places and blog/vlog about them all.

Start up a Coffee Life news letter
- Now this one is one I'm toying with, because lets be honest. Who reads things like this now a days? (I mean, I would) but I don't just want to make news letters that only I'd read. So maybe, maybe not. It's on the table if I can gather lots of ideas for them.

Make The Coffee Life Co thrive as a business
- 2019 was huge for setting up The Coffee Life Co products, and I want to continue that success into 2020.

Connect with more people 
- The Coffee industry is an incredible thing, however it is mainly online, on Instagram and Twitter. I only ever get to meet new people at coffee festivals. So 2020 I'm making it a goal to go out and connect with new people outside of coffee festivals. 

What would you like to see from The Coffee Life in 2020?