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One Click Coffee Box

**This box was very kindly gifted to me**

What's this? A different subscription box from Untold? I only feel like I'm slightly cheating on them. But when Pollyanna contacted me asking if I wanted to try out the box, I could hardly say no.

One Click is something that has pretty much popped up all over Instagram and Facebook over the past couple of weeks, and for a good reason - One click are a subscription coffee company, that are dedicated to finding high quality, high standard coffee every month.

The packaging of this box is fantastic, on the top when you open the box the first thing you see is the One Click newspaper (more about that later on!) next is the branded tissue paper that everything is so (NEATLY, I mean honestly how is it so neat?!?!) wrapped in.

Inside the beautifully wrapped paper, was the two coffees, a really cute tin to store your beans/ground coffee and a real sweet little coaster (I believe every one in other boxes were different) mine said "Good Morning"

One Click Coffee have quite a few different boxes, which is ideal for anyone.

The boxes they offer:
The monthly subscription box at £25 a month
- 2x 250g bags of beans (either whole bean or ground)
- A monthly newspaper
- Something to eat or keep

The Office Box (a genius idea!!!) at £55 a month
- 4 x 250g bags of beans from 2 different roasters (either whole bean or ground)

The Housemate Box at £40 a month
- 3 x 250g bags of beans (either whole bean or ground) - ideal for 4 housemates

The 3 Month subscription at £72.99
- Saving you £2.01 instead of paying monthly

The 6 Month Subscription at £144.99
- Saving you £5.01 instead of paying monthly

The 12 Month Subscription at £285.99
- Saving you £14.01 instead of paying monthly

I love that there are so many boxes and so many ways to pay, in an ideal world if I had a straight near £300 spare I'd sign up for a year, but we'll stick to monthly payments for now hey.

The newspaper is an amazing little addition to the box, with some key brewing information and interviews with both 200 Degrees and Nord Coffee. It's great because not only do you get to drink the delicious coffee, but you also get to learn a lot about the companies, the ethics behind it, and meeting the people who roast the coffee, a win-win

In this particular box, the 2 different roasters were -  200 Degrees Roastery and Nord Coffee

I was really excited when I received this box because I hadn't tried either of the roasters but they were both on my "to try" list - so first up

200 Degrees Roastery
Panama La Boquete
Medium Roast
Farm: Garridos Estates
Process: Hand Picked & Washed - Sun and Mechanical Drying
Growing Altitude: 1500-1750m
Taste Notes: Raspberry, Peanut, Aromatic

Brewed by cafetière - 14g in, 275ml water, 95degrees, total brew time of 3 minutes & 25 seconds
- super fruity and floral, smooth with next to no acidity

Brewed by aeropress - 16g in, 260g of water, 30 second bloom time, total brew time of 2.15 
- boy was this coffee delicious, I have been obsessed with this coffee since trying it through the aeropress, it's super aromatic and fruity, the ideal combination. 

Nord Coffee
Rulindo District, Rwanda
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Taste Notes: Red Apple, Honey, Orange
Cup Score: 87

Brewed by cafetière - 14g in, 275ml water, 95degrees, total brew time of 3 minutes & 25 seconds
- this brew was super sweet and syrup-y and very true to the taste notes of Apple and honey which both came through beautifully.

Brewed by aeropress - 16g in, 260ml water, 30 second bloom, total brew time of 2.20 seconds
-super sweet and fresh, a crisp finish, with fruity acidity when it cools.

I'm so glad neither of these coffees disappointed my expectations - and I will be definitely purchasing from them both in the future - and as for the box itself, I have subscribed to a monthly box, which means I'll have 2 subscription box posts every month! Hopefully meaning my consistency of blogging will improve because I'll be forced to have more of a schedule.

Find One Click Coffee Here

Website - here
Instagram - here 
Facebook - here
YouTube - here
Pinterest - here

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