Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2019

Well, what a trip. 

Who knew my first solo trip would be to Amsterdam, and for a reason like the Amsterdam coffee festival. I wasn't even planning on going (because I couldn't find anywhere cheap to stay!!) until I saw my good pal (I can call her that now, we've met in person, basically bffs) Izzy from Caffeine Galore was going, I just had to ask where she was staying to see if I could maybe stay in the same hotel with her - turns out she was nice enough to room-share in the place she booked, which was ideal for both me and her because it ended up being a very cheap stay! 

We both flew out on the Thursday, and met each other in Amsterdam (after a lot of confusion of "I'm outside Starbucks" "no you're not I can't see you" "oh wait you're on the crap side of the airport" "STAY WHERE YOU ARE" messages back and forth) and we headed out to Centraal. 

We decided to hit up a coffee shop (who's really shocked?!), made use of the Best Coffee App and stumbled our way over to Coffee Company

Izzy had a flat white and I had a cheeky oat milk cortado.
After that we had a pretty chill day, exploring, getting to know each other in person and not just liking and retweeting the others posts.

(We also were in bed by 9pm, and if that doesn't sum up the both of us I don't know what does) 

Onto the actual festival as I'm sure that's why you're reading - and if you haven't clicked off this post yet, get ready for some serious coffee talk (ha, just kidding, it'll just be me like usual, having a bit of a waffle about how great it all was)

What I love, love, loved about Amsterdam Coffee Festival was how chill EVERYBODY is, like it honestly puts London Coffee Festival to shame a little bit, but actually portrays London at its finest, busy and high stress. But Amsterdam people, you know how to do it. 

Like previous years, the festival was split into two rooms, the main room hosting a lot more than the second room, including Latte Art Live (can't ever go anywhere and not bump into Dhan Tamang, not even to a different country) 

The main attraction in the second room being the La Marzocco KB90, everyone wanted to get there hands on it and try it out, understandably, safe to say we got some photos and left, it was probably the most hectic stand there. 

We had a good look around, visited a good number of stalls, and even doubled round a few, like Oatly (of course, and not just because the barista called me beautiful and I got a bit smitten, I'll take a compliment anywhere) 

We also had a good chat with the lovely women from Good Beans, also known as Fucking Strong Coffee, and picked up some beans, as well as a mug and a tote bag. Not that I'm brave enough to ever wear the tote bag outside in public, feel like I might get some stares. 

It got to about 3pm and we were overly caffeinated, our heart rates had never been so high, so we had a wander back into Centraal, a lovely walk (a less lovely 17000 steps) and wandered around (we must've looked high, or drunk, but alas, it was the caffeination) 
We headed to the airport early, to calm our poor hearts and sat in Starbucks reminiscing about the day. 
We went our separate ways to our flight, and grudgingly headed back to the UK

Amsterdam Coffee Festival was amazing. 
I can't quite put into words what a day it was, but all I know is that I will be attending future Amsterdam Coffee Festivals, because wow.

Next up on the list - London Coffee Festival

More photos from the festival - 

If this photo doesn't sum up a coffee festival I don't know what does / two coffees from two completely different stalls

Don't festivals have the yummiest of foods???

Be sure to check out Izzy, she's pretty rad 
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