Untold Coffee Box 7

Box number 7 included 2 coffees - one Untold itself and one from Blackbird Coffee, an especially made espresso blend which is a first for the Untold Box

As a change I thought I would do a comparison on the El Salvador, as Blackbird was an espresso blend. So I did two comparison brews, v60 and aeropress

El Salvador
El Cipres Estate, El Salvador
Varietal - Bourbon
Process - Washed
Taste Notes - Chocolate, Almond, Clementine

V60 brew 

18g of coffee
275ml of water
50ml and 25 second bloom
Final brew time 2 minutes 45 seconds

Taste notes - Light chocolate with creamy almond undertones. Nutty aftertaste, no bitterness or acidity 
After it cools - a citric acidity, with really light chocolate notes 

Aeropress brew

14g of coffee
Inverted method
75ml and 25 second bloom
255ml total water
2 minute 15 complete brew time with 25 second push 

Taste notes - light milk chocolate tastes with really subtle orange citrus notes with a more full bodied finish

Out of the both, if I had to pick, I'd go with the aeropress, as I much preferred the lighter chocolate notes with the citrus instead of the nutty flavours.

Blackbird Coffee
Coffee + Vintage
Espresso blend
Brazilian + Ethiopian

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful packaging for this coffee

I was really excited to try this blend because it being the first espresso blend ever to hit the Untold Coffee box, it must've been a good'un

I used a recipe of 19g of coffee, with a timing of 22 seconds as a total shot.

As an espresso - 
(I'm really not an expert at tasting and evaluating espresso so bear with me)

It was a super fruity, low acidic espresso and super freaking delicious
Really smooth which is dangerous because I could've easily had 7 

With (oat) milk - (yay dairy intolerance)
Worked really well in a flat white and a cortado, the oat milk really complimented the fruity flavours of the espresso

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