Untold Coffee - Coffee Club - Box 2

Phoar, look at me go, blogging a few times a month??? So unheard of!!! 

If you missed my previous post about box number 1 from the Untold Coffee Club Box, click here to give that a cheeky read before reading number 2

Much like the first box, I've kept it consistant with 16.5g of coffee and 245ml of water. With the same timings of 1.45 minute brew with a 30 second bloom and a 30 second plunge 


Avon, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Process - Washed
Flavour Notes - Maple Syrup, Summer Berries

Dry Bean Aromas - Syrupy and sweet fruits

A delicious Guatemalan with such a syrupy flavour, it was super fruity, light and sweet and perfect to brew with any ratio (and super yummy in a cold brew!!) 

Girls Who Grind Coffee

(I think were going to have to accept the fact that in every post, I will forget to take at least ONE photo, sorry!!!)

Kenya AA Microlot 
Gichuna, Kiambu
Varietal - SL28, SL34, Ruiru I I, Batain
Process - Washed
Flavour Notes - Raspberry Wine Gums 

Dry Bean Aromas - Sweet Spices

This Kenyan is super good, super light, super fruity, you can definitely taste berries. I actually finished this 100g bag in 2 days which proves how yummy it is.  

Carmo De Minas, Brazil

Varietal - Yellow Bourbon
Process - Natural
Flavour Notes - Apricot, Almond Brittle

Dry Bean Aromas - Nutty

This Brazilian is super yummy, super fruity and nutty, deliciously smooth as both a filter coffee and espresso (which was had at Bestival last month) 

Untold Coffee

Marica Maria Sarto
Sul De Minas, Brazil
Varietal - Topazio
Process - Natural
Flavour Notes - Stewed Plum, Almond, Milk Chocolate

Dry Bean Aromas - Chocolatey

So fruity and chocolate-y, this Brazilian is a perfect afternoon pick me up, it's super smooth, and also amazing as espresso!!! 

Fresh Drip 

In the box, was 2 fresh drip packets, one Brazilian, and one Ethiopian. 
I was so, so, so intregued by these that they were the first things I tried from the box. 

Now don't shout through your computers (or phone lets be real) I didn't write any notes on these, they were good, don't get me wrong, but I really struggled to distinguish any specific flavour notes on these. I'm sure they have them, but it was early morning, I needed coffee and then I just got too side tracked by how amazing the invention of these are to even sit down and write things down about the flavour

Both tasted quite light, I opted for the Ethiopian and gave my boyfriend the Brazilian blend. 
I was amazed at how these little contraptions work, like actual genius invention.

They basically just unfold and magically (yes magically) hook over whatever cup you're using, and pour some water over, let it bloom, pour some more water, and boom, done. Amazing. 
Hats off to the creator, because DAMN these need to be everywhere!!!

Look out for box number 3, coming out shortly!!! 

With every box I will have one invite code into the secret coffee club box, if you want in, drop me a message on instagram (@jassgoodman) for a special invite code

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