Teas I Am Loving At The Moment

Every now and then on The Coffee Life, I like to mix up the coffee posts with some tea post. Today is one of those days.

Like most people, before even trying coffee, I was a big tea drinker. Specifically herbal teas.
I was a big tea enthusiast and would spend a big majority of my money on new teas (most which I am still trying to get through to this day. Expiration dates mean nothing right? 

So today I thought as a side step from coffee's, I'd do a little post about the tea's I am loving at the moment.

I have been loving a whole variety of teas, including the newest addition of Twinings cold infuse (more on those later) 

We'll start with Pukka, just because it's the brand I have been absolutely loving this entire year, and I cant get enough of.

Night Time - pretty self explanatory, I don't drink "night" teas every night, but when I feel a bit anxious or a bit crappy, I stick my essential oil difuser on and sit and have a calming cup of tea. I'm a big self care is never selfish kind of person.

Wild Apple and Cinnamon - the newest addition to my tea collection and a big favourite, the apple gives it a real sweetness which hits the sweet tooth hard, curbs some (SOME, come on let's be honest, I'd demolish a chocolate bar if it was put next to a cup of tea) cravings for junk food, but delicious and got to be healthy right?

Liquorice and Cinnamon - hear me out on this one, I discovered this tea last year at the Eden Project at a Pukka Tea Tasting session. I was certain that I would hate this tea because I hate, hate (hate) liquorice, BUT oh my, if you asked me what the best tea I've had, it would be this. Without a shadow of a doubt. The liquorice and cinnamon combined gives it such a unique sweetness, YUM


Dream Time - A really nice alternative to Pukka's night time, I originally had the "instant tea" version of this, but on discovery that like 80% of it is sugar, I opted for the more sugar friendly version. It's such a soothing tea, and instantly makes you feel sleepy (just me maybe)

Good and Proper 

Hibiscus - This tea has actually featured on this blog before (here) you can read my more in depth review on it, through that link. But yes, this is still a very big favourite of mine, and such a beautifully coloured tea!! 

Bluebird Tea Company

Earl Grey with freeze dried strawberrys and papaya - I am a big earl grey drinker, and I was kindly gifted this tea, it's strong and over brews really quickly, but makes a gorgeous fruity cup of earl grey (the best kind) It's a really nice twist on a basic earl grey (as you know some times it just tastes very same-y) 


Cold Infuse, Strawberry, Watermelon and Mint - Phoar, well where do I start with these? 
I first tried them at London Coffee Festival, and after speaking to one of the Twinings employees for about 10 minutes, she proceeded to shove loads of samples of all the flavours into my bag (hey, who's complaining? I'm definitely not) I got to try three of the six flavours they offer, and my favourite was definitely this one, its so fruity and refreshing. It's great if you don't really fancy water but you know you have to keep hydrated (anyone else?) but damn, if you haven't tried these yet, you're missing out.

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