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Now it is definitely no secret that I love the girls over at GWGC, they are babes, and whenever they release something new, whether it be stickers, mugs, coffee, I am there. 

Recently they released 4(!!!) (that's right, 4!!) different coffees, great for me, not so great for my ever declining bank balance, but I asked them which two they recommended, and they came back to say the Congo + Nicaraguan, so naturally I ordered both, and so kindly they also popped in a bag of the Colombian, which I am so so so grateful for!!!

Today I am writing a review about the absolutely wonderful, Dr Congo 

Since receiving it, being the first one I tried out of the three, I haven't even tried the others yet, because this one is so so so delicious!! I'm actually very close to the bottom of the bag, which after pay day, I will be ordering some more (or possibly 3 bags to make sure I have it at all times)

I tried it through V60 and Aeropress, I really couldn't say which I liked more, the V60 gave it a more fruitier taste, where the immersion from the Aeropress gave it a more tangy taste, both of which I am loving. 

As usual the girls offer whole beans, as well as also offering pre-ground coffee for pourovers, french press and aeropress, if you don't have a grinder of your own at home. 

The beans: DR Congo, Idjwi Island, Lake Kivu
Variety:  Bourbon
Process: Washed
Taste Notes: Milk Chocolate, Floral, Tangy Marmalade, R.E.S.P.E.C.T
Producer: Rebuild Women's Hope

If you want to read more about the way this coffee is supporting the Rebuild Women's Hope Programme, Click Here


The recipe I used to brew: 

Grind: Medium Fine
Grams: 19g
Water: 300ml
Time: 3 Minutes, 25 Seconds 
Bloom: 55g, 28 Seconds

Tasting Notes (My brew): 
Aroma: Floral-y aromas
Acidity: Tangy with a smooth + clean finish
Body: Light on the tongue, very smooth and crisp
Flavour: Chocolatey, tangy with floral notes, and a smooth clean finish


The recipe I used to brew: 

Grind: Slightly Finer Grind
Grams: 14g
Bloom: 30 Seconds
Time: 2 Minutes 35 Seconds
Push: 30 Seconds

Tasting Notes (My brew): 
Aroma: Floral aromas with spicy tones
Acidity: Tangy and crisp
Body: Light floral after taste, left on tongue
Flavour: Better immersion, more chocolatey, tangy.

With both of the brews I tried, I really couldn't give an answer if you asked me which one to brew it through, because either way you're going to get a banging cup of coffee.
I cant wait to try the other two coffees because through no doubt they're going to be amazing too.

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