Yarer Forest Ethiopian - Beanpress Coffee Co - Coffee Review

Christmas 2017 I was ever so kindly gifted a lot of coffee, and one of the brands I knew I was getting (as my mother seemed to call me to ask me what was the difference between the espresso blend beans and the single origin) was Beanpress Coffee Co
I have tried numerous amounts of single origin coffee's from this company, and this one, definitely did not disappoint, I'd even go to say that it's the best one I've tried from beanpress. 

I received a 100g bag, enough for quite a few coffees which makes me happy that I get to try different brew methods with this particular bean. 

The only thing that I think beanpress (or the shops that sell them) could improve on, is to put more information on the packaging, as you can see if came in a little see through bag, with very minimal details about the coffee, and no date on when it was roasted. But you cant have it all.

The Beans: Yarer Forest Ethiopian
Variety: Unknown
Process: Natural 
Taste Notes (From The Bag): Rich Gingerbread, Spicy/Floral

The Recipe I Used To Brew

Grind: Medium Fine
Grams: 17G
Water: 250ML at 85 Degrees
Time: 2 Minutes 45 Seconds
Bloom: 75G, 25 Seconds

(We'll ignore how awkward these cups are to hold with their TINY HANDLE)

Tasting Notes, My Brew:
Aroma: Floral-y aromas, 
Acidity: Low acidity, smooth, and lingered
Body: Full and heavy bodied coffee, flavours lingered on the tongue
Flavour: Floral and spicy flavour notes

Have you tried any coffee's from beanpress? If so what did you think?

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