2018 Goals

2018 is a year, that I have a lot of hope for. 

I had a lot of goals in 2017, that got pushed back a lot for numerous amounts of reasons, and as I am definitely not one of these "new year, new me" people, I write a list of goals I want to achieve rather than a "resolution" list. 

So instead of them getting pushed back because I didn't write them down, I thought no better than to blog the goals, to look back later on in the year and kick myself if I haven't started them. 

2017 was a crazy year, with lots of ups and downs, I pushed myself out of my comfort zones a lot, and I expect 2018 will be no different (or I hope anyway) 

Here is a list of the goals I'd like to achieve in 2018

Keep blogging consistently

Over the past couple of years, I've had numerous blogs, that I have created then just completely disregarded either because I didn't have the time or I just wasn't interested as I really didn't know the direction of where I wanted to take it. So 2018 will be the year that I blog consistently and not give up on it. 

Write some more

Every year, I say I'm going to do lots of writing, and maybe even start writing that book that I've been meaning to write since 2012, maybe 2018 will be the year that I actually try to commit with something as extravagant as that. 

Bullet Journal

 Bullet Journalling is something I toyed with a lot in 2017, but endlessly failed with half used months and not actually planning it out, but 2018, is set up, it's a new year, new month and I am excited to (try my hardest) to do it everyday (or realistically every other day) 

Read some more

2017, was a shit show for reading, I think in total I read around 3 books, starting them then getting distracted in the process and discarding them to watch some netflix, but 2018 is not going to be like that. I plan on reading 12 books (essentially 1 a month) if I read more, great. To help with this goal I will be tracking them on the GoodReads app

Do Something Amazing

Now this one isn't really one that I can place my finger on what I'm going to do, it could be something planned, something spontaneous, I don't know, I just know I want to do something really amazing, to make myself proud.

Travel More

Now I am definitely not one to travel, but in 2018, I want to see more places, explore more and definitely add more places to my scratch map, which at the moment, is looking very, very sad. 

Go to more events 

In 2017, I attended quite a few coffee events (Read about them here) and 2018 I want to be no different, although I might be branching out more job wise, it wont stop me going to coffee events, London Coffee Festival is a top one on my list as last year, it was filled with anxiety and although it was an amazing day, I'd like to go and properly enjoy it. 

There are a few more goals I want to achieve, but I feel like this blog post has definitely gone on for long enough. 

I hope everyone has had an amazing New Year.

Make 2018 a year to remember.