One Click Coffee Box 10

It's our first subscription box post of the new year! 

This is the November One Click Coffee box that included goodies from Kiss The Hippo, Machina Coffee and a delicious little chai biscuit from Kake Bakery (demolished in less than 30 seconds)

Kiss The Hippo

"Kiss The Hippo is a speciality coffee brand devoted to creating the ultimate coffee experience. 

We accomplish this through a considered approach to coffee making that places a strong appreciation for quality and sustainability at the forefront. We aim to offer the most refined freshly roasted coffees, served in beautiful spaces as part of a thoroughly memorable service experience

A focus on the environment is central to our work at Kiss The Hippo, which is part of our responsibility to the Earth and to you. It is through our efforts alongside charities and a dedication to innovative and sustainable solutions that we strive to deliver happiness through every sip"

The Beans

Origin - Ethiopia
Location - Wonsho Sidma
Cultivar - Ethiopian Landraces
Process - Washed
Taste Notes - Jasmine, Orange, Blueberries

The Brew 
18g of Coffee
250ml of Water
3 Minute 30 Seconds Total Brew Time
30ml bloom for 30 seconds, minor agitation 

This brew came out super fruity, think more citrus and berries more than sour, fresh fruits. It was incredibly delicious with every sip. It had some really gorgeous subtle floral notes, which really rounded the coffee together. The taste notes for this coffee are pretty spot on, like a few of Kiss The Hippos coffees I've tried, they really do produce some incredibly roasted coffees.

Find Kiss The Hippo
Website - here
Instagram - here 
Facebook - here

Machina Coffee

"We are an Edinburgh based specialist coffee roastery and equipment business, started through a love of great coffee and a fascination with quality kit.
The creation of Machina was inspired by Edinburgh's artisan coffee scene, which has exploded in the last 10 years along with inspiring visits to San Francisco, LA, Washington, Tokyo and London.

Since 2016 we have been roasting coffee in South Edinburgh. We take a innovative and creative approach to our roasting. Coaxing complex and unique flavours from coffees from the best microlots in the world. The bold and unusual tasting notes on our coffee bags reflect this, along with the amazing diversity of sensory experience that great coffees can deliver."

The Beans 

Los Suspiros 
Origin - Alta Mira, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Varietal - Caturra and Bourbon 
Process - Fully Washed
Altitude - 1500-1800MASL
Taste Notes - Maple Syrup, Green Apple, Milk Chocolate, Clean

The Brew
26g of Coffee
500ml of Water
50ml Bloom for 45 Seconds
7-8 Minute Total Brew Time 

This coffee was incredibly crisp and bright. Super smooth with next to no acidity, super chocolatey and when it cools you get more crisp fruit notes with some subtle acidity.
This coffee was super delicious every way that it was brewed, I loved how like Kiss The Hippo the taste notes were spot on. 

Find Machina 
Website - here
Los Suspiros Coffee - here
Instagram - here
Twitter - here

I really enjoyed this box, I think the coffees really complimented each other. Stay tuned for the next One Click box for some more delicious coffee! 

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