People Who Have Inspired Me In The Coffee Industry In 2019

2019 saw HUGE growth in the coffee industry. And with huge growth comes more people, and 2019 I have come across and met so many incredible people who have inspired me to keep doing what I'm doing. 
The coffee community is incredible, everyone is always so supportive of one another, and as a coffee blogger it's truly been incredible to connect not just with coffee companies but with so many people within.

So here is a list of everyone who has inspired me in the coffee industry in 2019.
(the reality is, this list is an endless one)

- Izzy Austen (AKA CaffeineGalore) 

I'm sure that most of you wont be shocked that I'm starting out the list with Izzy, I rave about her when I can, given any opportunity to tell anyone how great she is. 
I owe a lot to Iz, 2019 saw us both go to Amsterdam for Amsterdam Coffee Festival, as well as bumping into each other at London, Birmingham, Brighton and Bristol. I had an amazing experience working at Goodwood Revival and do you know who encouraged me and told me to take those shifts? Non other that Izzy. 
She's an incredible girl, with so much passion for everything she does, she has so much knowledge and thrive for life and I'm so thankful for her in my life. Never stop being you. 

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- Esther Hope

Esther and I first started to talk mid 2019, and I got the pleasure to meet her at Bristol Coffee Festival. Now you know those people that just radiate sunshine? Those people who have a smile so infectious that you cant help but smile. That's Esther. She is so full of life, so positive, so smiley, and has the most hilarious stories about her endeavours. If I could, I'd have her come and live closer to me, just so we could be best friends and talk all the time. 
Esther has brought me inspiration through her pure strength, and motivation for doing good. 

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- Dom Ide

Now, when I (finally) met Dom late last year, I was in a bit of a rough patch, I was giving up in the coffee industry, I wanted to quit and just get "a regular job." Dom changed that, he has given me a space to be the creative, annoying coffee lover I am. He's given me a safe space to be everyday where I don't have to worry about being in a toxic environment, he's allowed me to open up, he's seen me laugh, cry, drunk and mid breakdown, he's seen it all (it's a wonder how I haven't been fired) - Dom has brought back my love and inspiration for coffee. Allowing me into his plans for the coffee industry, and allowing me into his little world of New Forest Coffee. 
I owe Dom so much, and I try (when I remember) to tell him how great he is everyday. 

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- Dan Beaver 

Ah, Mr Beaver - the creator of the brilliant Beavers Cup, and all around absolute lovely guy. 
Being the go to guy for anything Moonroast, I may be slightly biased here, but Dan is just one of those people who you meet and just get great, kind and all around lovely vibes from. 
Thank you for being such a big part of my coffee journey throughout 2019.

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- Polly-Anna Ward

The creator of One Click, and all around lovely human is Polly-Anna. Her motivation each month to create the One Click boxes with new roasters, as well as going off and doing other incredible things. 
She has a zest for life which I admire so much (and her and her girlfriend are cuteness GOALS)

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- Josh Williams

Josh is another one of those people that radiates sunshine, I have a lot to be thankful about Josh this year (and not just because his daughter is an actual angel), he's become someone who I can always turn to when I need too, and likewise in reverse. He has become one of my closest friends in the coffee industry despite the distance between us and the fact we only see each other a small number of times throughout the year. 

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- Grant Poole-Adams 

Grant and I started to communicate in 2019, and even did a small collaboration with The Coffee Life/ Coffee with GPA. Grant creates some incredible YouTube videos, and is one of the big motivations for me to start my own channel. His knowledge about coffee is incredible, and I find myself never missing a video of his, ever!
He has so many incredible and unique ideas and I can't wait to see what 2020 holds for him.

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