Peang Thai Coffee

Welcome to the first coffee review on The Coffee Life of 2020 - and it's a super exciting one. 

For Christmas, Dom bought me some super exciting coffee from Buxton Roastery after both listening to the second episode of the Filtered Thoughts podcast 

In the episode Ben and Nat talked about the World Travel Market, where they both worked at the event, contributing in the representation of the Thai Speciality Coffee Market. 
It was a super interesting listen, and of course, I wanted to get my hands on some Thai coffee ASAP.

A huge thank you to the best boss in the world for buying me (well, I'm sure secretly it was for him too) this great coffee. 

There is some super interesting information on the Peang Thai website - including why shade grown coffee is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way to grow coffee 
Website here 

About Peang Thai
Peang Thai coffee is a single origin Arabica coffee, the name Peang Thai which means "Only Thai" originates from "Porpeang" a project initiated by the late King of Thailand, His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, to help promote a better working life for people and improve their livelihood.
We work with the Akha hill tribe coffee farmers in the village of Phahee which sits in the far North of Thailand in the Chiang Rai province.
Our goal is to bring their amazing coffee to the world and ensure they receive a truly fair price for their coffee.
Peang Thai coffee is Direct Trade from the farmers themselves there are no middle men, and never will be. Doing it this way we can pay farmers nearly three times the average fairtrade price for their amazing coffee. 

Look at these beans *heart eye emoji*

Peang Thai Coffee
Shade Grown 
Origin - Phahee Village, Northern Thailand 
Altitude - 1200-1400MASL
Process - Washed and Sundried
Taste Notes - Medium Bodied, Smooth Hazelnut with a Biscuit Finish 

The Brew
18g of Coffee
275ml of Water
3 Minute 30 Minute Total Brew Time
40ml Bloom for 30 Seconds

Taste Notes

This coffee came out INCREDIBLE. Super nutty and bold, with deep syrup-y notes, and had really prominant chocolate biscuit notes, specifically my mind went to the milk chocolate Viennese butter biscuits (maybe I was just super hungry and craving biscuits) but hey, it's what I got.
I tried a lot of recipes, especially with V60 and Chemex, and every time, it was an incredible cup.

If you ever get the chance to try any Peang Thai Coffee, please don't hesitate because damn, it's INCREDIBLE. 

You can also go over to the Pallets Instagram to watch a video of Dom and I brewing up a storm with this coffee - see here 

Find Peang Thai 
Website - here
Instagram - here

Buxton Roastery 
Website - here
Instagram - here

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