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As The Coffee Life continues to grow, our small community continues to expand, ideas and projects get bigger and bigger, I'm not complaining, I love it, I love my small space on the internet. 

However something I've always shied away from is how much money I put in month to month to continue The Coffee Life, to continue all of the reviews, subscription boxes, equipment etc, it really does slowly add up. 

So why am I suddenly writing about this?
This is where you come in. 

I've recently set up on a site called Buy Me a Coffee (It's a perfect fit right?!) where you can now support The Coffee Life

There are two options, a one off payment of $3 (the price of a coffee!) or you can choose to become a Coffee Life member! 
For $5 a month (or a discounted price of $50 a year!) you can get exclusive perks such as extra blog posts and YouTube content, made exclusively for Coffee Life members only. Exclusive Coffee Life member merch, and more special discounts. and many other perks.

Even the smallest of support means the absolute world to me. Every like, comment and share, means more than you could ever know. 

Big things are happening on The Coffee Life in 2020. Both on here and within new exciting projects

Support The Coffee Life and become a member here or click on the side-bar (or down by the bottom if you're on mobile!)

Thank You!