Untold Coffee Box 5

Welcome to the first post of 2019!!! 
Let's hope 2019 is filled with many a good Untold Coffee Box posts.

Coffee club box number 5 contained 3 delicious coffees all from Craft House Coffee
I’d never tried out Craft House before so was very excited to give them a try

I actually changed it up a little (if you're unfamiliar with my box posts, I usually brew them through an aeropress using the same recipe each time) but alas, I brewed these bad boys through V60 (a refound love)
So the recipe I used
23g of Coffee
300g Water
3 minutes, 15 seconds (30 second bloom)

First up was a lovely Colombian

Region - Villa Moreno, Colombia
Varietal - Caturra
Process - Washed
Flavour Notes - melon, red berries and caramel

Post Brew Aroma's - sweet, fruity and slightly floral

With a light mouthfeel, it was definitely an easy sipping kind of coffee. Smooth and next to no bitterness, with definite fruity notes, and dark/sour berry undertones.
As it cooled, it became more tangy and sharp with an underlying bitterness and really mellow fruity notes

Next up a Brazilian

Region - Berrador, Brazil
Varietal - Mundo Novo
Process - Natural
Flavour Notes - chocolate, berries and caramel

Post Brew Aroma's - Earth with dark tones

A really chocolatey brew, with tangy berry undertones, and lots of hints an fruits.
With a fruity sharpness and sour berry tones when it cools. 

Last but not least is a juicy Guatemalan

Region - Finca Palacious, Guatemala
Varietal - Caturra and Bourbon
Process - Washed
Flavour Notes- dried fruit, toffee and caramel

I love me a good Guatemalan, as everyone knows if you've been reading for a while. 

Post Brew Aroma's - very syrup-y 

Super light and fruity with underlying acidity but definitely a smooth cup. When it cools, it definitely had more dark toffee notes with more acidity, really tasty. 

I'm hoping 2019 is bringing everyone good coffee so far, I know it definitely is for me.
I'm also trying to up my review game, so the way I do blog reviews might slightly change in the coming months, so I hope they get better instead of worse.

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