Every Coffee Bag I've Emptied In 2018

It's no secret that I consumed a lot of coffee during 2018. But I set myself a challenge to see how many coffee bags I could empty, and damn, turns out it was quite a few (and a few other things, like coffee liqueur, some teas, and if I remember correctly a lil hot chocolate packet) 

So, I know this blog post will be super long, but here is all of the coffee bags I emptied in 2018.

We'll start with the "non coffee" items, just to get them out of the way.

Bloom - Matcha 
It took me about a year to finish this matcha, because I had such a love/hate relationship with it, but when I finished it I was in a phase of drinking it everyday, so I had to go out and buy another one (I really don't think I was thinking properly as I'm now ultimately going to do the same thing with the new jar)

Heist - Hot Chocolate
Pictured was the first little sample bag I got - and I've gone on to buy like 5 packs, especially over winter I've been loving hot chocolate, and it's super, super good.

Good and Proper - Hibiscus, Earl Grey, Jade Tips
I did a blog post earlier in the year about how I purchased these teas at London Coffee Festival, and they definitely didn't last long.
I finished the hibiscus first, and it was definitely my favourite - but you can read more about that in the link below.
Good and Proper

2018 was the year that I discovered that if mixed with the right thing, coffee liqueur is freaking delicious. In summer I went through a real obsession with having iced coffee liqueur with soda water (super yummy!!)
This Mr Blacks bottle is actually the one that I won from the 2017 Coffee Lab Throwdown so as much as it's best that I've now finished it, I kinda don't want to get rid of the bottle, I've worked bloody hard to empty that!! 

A random little "can" section

Minor Figures - Nitro Cold Brew, Americano, Mocha, Latte
I tried these for the first time (like most people) at London Coffee Festival (these definitely aren't the original cans, I wasn't that committed back then) 
These are super handy and delicious for on the go (and I was lucky to find about 12 cans reduced to 49p in Sainsburys!!) 
I definitely favour the Americano, I'm a sucker for black coffee

Nescafe Azera - Nitro Americano
Now, hear me out on this one, I was intrigued, it was on offer, it was actually surprisingly ok(!!!) it had a lot of unnecessary sugar in the ingredients, but for a "grab on the go" kind of thing, not the worst.

CBD cold brew is something that blew up in 2018, it became so popular (so much so I did a post on it - read here)
But one brand that really stuck out for me was High Tides, and before I started making my own CBD cold brew I was drinking these bad boys.

Moving onto "generic coffees" 
These two tubs were from Lidl and I received them for christmas in 2017 - not the hugest fan, but great for using for DIY coffee scrubs, and I'm pretty sure one of the batches of coffee oil were made using one of these.

Some more "generic" kind of coffees 

From left to right

Waitrose - Monsooned Malabar AA, strength 4
This was the first "monsooned" coffee I had, and you know what, I really enjoyed every cup I had from this bag, it was spicey, earthy with a real smokey finish. 
And it definitely made me look more into monsooned coffee's 

Cyprus Coffee Beans - "100% natural" 
Blend of Brazilian, Central American and African coffee varieties.
I did a blog post all about generic coffees and this one featured on it, so you can read about how I really didn't enjoy this bag there, I'm sure it's popular in Cyprus as I've been reading up that they typically like their coffee very dark and strong.
Generic Coffee 

Aldi - Alcafe - Colombian - Strength 5
Since I gave Lidl's coffee a go, I thought it was only fair to try out their competitor Aldi 
To my surprise (I mean, not really), it was just as "generic" tasting as the rest, really burnt, bitter and ashy. 

Again, from left to right.

Cooper and Co - Jersey's Tea and Coffee Merchant
Every time I go to visit my family in Jersey, I always pop by the tea and coffee merchants to have a mooch at what they have, and my latest pick up from them were - Colombia, Excelso Fo and Java Old Brown
Out of the two I preferred the Java, and I had actually tried it and enjoyed it before, so I knew what I was getting into, and decided to try out another one whilst I was there, and although the Colombian was nice, I probably wouldn't get it again 

Beanpress Co 

El Salvador, Villa Galicia, Natural
This was pretty delicious to be fair, I hadn't really ventured into El Salvador coffee's at this point, so I didn't really bother to document what I thought of it (which sucks because I have no idea whether I liked it or not!!) 
I emptied the bag which must be a good sign.

Guatemalan, natural processed
Again from Beanpress, I picked up a Guatemalan, (which they put in a plain black bag, sad times)  I remember this being really juicy and sweet, quite a nice Guatemalan.

I also did a blog post about Yarer Forest from Beanpress, you can read that here

Fresh Drip
I said this in the blog post I did including these, but wow what an invention!!! 
These little things are pretty incredible, and definitely such a clever, handy grab product for on the go/
You can read my full review about them here

I think most people at London Coffee Festival picked up a little goodie bag from Square Mile.
Vargem Bonita - Brazil
This was actually super good through an aeropress, really ripe cacao notes.

From left to right 

River Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Alemu Bukato 
I won this from the Hoxton Throwdown, and it was super tasty, super fruity, super juicy. 
(you'll see more of River Coffee Roasters later)

Decadent Decaf 
Since 2018 was the year that I wasn't suppose to be drinking much coffee (yeah that went really well) because it was affecting my stomach and adding to why I was so sick, I looked into some decafs
Decadent Decaf was a company I came across and found out it's actually fairly local to me, so I placed an order for the Costa Rican, Strictly Hard Bean
I did a blog post all about this coffee which you can read here

Bailies Coffee
Ethiopia Guji Natural
Again one from London Coffee Festival that was very kindly given to me, and wow it was super delicious, super smooth, super yummy would 100% have again

Wow this is a massive throwback.
In early 2018 Untold Coffee was called Williams Coffee Company, and I'm actually so glad I've kept these bags as a nice little memory of how far the company has come in the last year

Top Left - Strawberry S'mores (see bottom right for full description) 

Top Right - Colombia, washed process
A super citrus-y coffee with a very nice acidity

Bottom Left - Hope / Black Cherry Cola - Congo 
Everyone knows I loved coffees from Congo with a burning passion in 2018 - and this was definitely up there with my favourites - you can read the blog post written here

Bottom Right - Strawberry S'mores - Colombia
I'm not going to lie to you and say that I didn't have to Google what the hell a s'more was when this coffee came out (I mean I'm still not really sure I know what it is) but this coffee was a treat, and I think this is the first review I did on Williams/Untold coffee - you can read that here

Both coffees pictured are from Untold Coffee 

Pacamara - A Cheeky Sample
James so kindly sent me this delicious sample of Pacamara, it was super freaking good through v60.

 Kenyan, Nyeri Country - A washed and sun-dried coffee

Super syrup-y and tasted like currants, yum

Both of these coffees are from The Roasting Party 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Gutiti
This was actually my first ever coffee review here on The Coffee Life blog, and damn looking back I really wasn't good at reviewing back then - but this coffee was super smooth and citrus-y and with a really nice clean finish

Einstein (What used to be Coffee Labs house espresso blend)
This was actually the coffee I won through the in-house latte art competition back in 2017 - it makes a super smooth espresso.

 Both from Bunaberry Coffee Roasters, but from different Untold Coffee Club boxes
Left: Box 2 read here
Right: Box 1 read here

Avon -Huehuetenango, Guatemala, washed process
Super syrup-y and fruity and super good in a cold brew

Ethiopia Adado - Yirgacheffe, fully washed
Like noted in the blog post "fruity af" 

River Coffee Roasters - Alejo Castro, washed
from Coffee Club Box number 3 - read here
Super smooth and mellow with tangy citrus flavours

Horsham Coffee Roasters - Brazil Recanto, natural 
from Coffee Club Box number 1 - read here
Super syrup-y flavours

Top Left 
Untold Coffee Roasters
Coffee Club Box number 1 - read here
Tutti Frutti Smoothie, Western Rwanda, thick natural process
Sweet, light and syrup-y with no acidity

Top Centre 
Girls Who Grind Coffee
Untold Coffee Box number 2 - read here
Kenya AA Microlot, Kiambu, washed
So many berry flavours!!! 

Top Right
Girls Who Grind Coffee
Untold Coffee Box number 2 - read here
Carmo De Minasl, Brazil, natural process
Super fruity and nutty, and freaking delicious as an espresso

Bottom Left
Untold Coffee Roasters
Untold Coffee Box number 3 - read here 
Rebuild Women's Hope, DR Congo, washed

Bottom Right 
Untold Coffee Roasters
Untold Coffee Box number 1 - read here
Jack-In-The-Box, Colombia, Sugarcane Decaffeination
My raving review was literally just the words "lush for a decaf" 

These are both the same coffee's both from Untold, just in different bags, as one was kindly sent to me as a sample, and one came in an untold coffee box

Jeremy Abadi 
Untold Coffee Box number 4 - read here
Colombia, washed process
Believe me when I say that I couldn't get enough of this coffee - to the point I now have a stock pile of it for a later date

Anyone who has taken a look at my blog knows I'm completely in love with Girls Who Grind Coffee - so it was only fair that I grouped all of them together 
Starting with these 3

El Salvador, Honey processed
Read full blog post here
Wow, actually wow at this coffee, it's the first time I'd properly explored honey processed coffee and phoar I was not disappointed

Nicaragua Jinotega 
I really remember this coffee because of the tang of the citrus, it was so tangy but in the best of ways.

Colombia, El Tambo 
This one was super, super chocolate-y and even held a very chocolate-y after taste with a sweet and smooth finish

So I had to save the best till last (although a lot of these coffee's in this post have been my favourite, it's too hard to choose) 

It'll come as no shock to anyone that I finished multiple bags of both of these coffees (and these weren't all of them, I didn't think that saving every bag was necessary to prove my point of being absolutely obsessed with both of these coffees) 

Rwanda Nyabihu
Another very early review in The Coffee Life history
you can read that here
Clearly my skills as a "coffee reviewer" weren't at peak so I'm just gunna leave you to read the horrific notes all about this one

DR Congo
I don't really know where to start with this one, anyone who follows me on instagram knows I was completely OBSESSED with this coffee, it was quite literally a blessing of 2018 
Fi from Girls Who Grind and I were talking the other day about how this is definitely not even half of the bags I emptied of Congo, which just proves how good it is. 
You can read my raving review about it here

So we have reached the end 
(finally, hats off to anyone who has made it this far)

I was going to link every single website to every single coffee, but I feel there are enough external links in this post
So instead what I've done is made an Instagram post (@jassgoodman) tagging every coffee company so you can go and give them a follow

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