In this months Untold Coffee box (watch out for that blog post soon!) I received a whole ton of goodies. 
Unfortunately, I already have all 3 of the delicious El Salvador coffees from Girls Who Grind Coffee. 

So instead of wasting some damn delicious coffee's I thought I would hold my first ever giveaway! I actually planned to do a giveaway nearer to Christmas but I really don't want these coffee's to go to waste whilst I'm trying new coffees left, right and centre.

So what will included in this giveaway? 

 100g of El Salvador, Honey processed - whole bean
Flavour Notes: Shortbread, Lemon Curd and Honeycomb

100g of El Salvador, Washed - whole bean
Flavour Notes: Apple Cider Doughnut and Toasted Pecan

100g of El Salvador, Natural - whole bean
Flavour Notes: Dark Chocolate and Sloe Gin

All 3 coffees are from the San Salvador region and are Bourbon Varietal.
and obviously all from Girls Who Grind Coffee.

1x Barista & Co drip cone (plus one pack of 80 filters)


You will also receive 1 special invite code into the Untold Coffee membership coffee club.


all you need to do to enter is head over to my Instagram (linked here, can also be found at the bottom of this post OR in my social media tab) 

- follow me on Instagram

- find and like the giveaway post

- comment WHY you would like to win these goodies


(as someone who doesn't have many friends, I HATE giveaways that you have to tag "friends" so I knew I couldn't be doing that for you guys) 

You have until Saturday the 10th of November at 8pm to enter!!! 
Also this giveaway is open to UK+Europe (in future giveaways I hope to do worldwide, but shipping expenses are wowsies expensive)

I hope you are as excited as me for this mini giveaway, and like I said if this one goes well I will be doing some more in the future!! 

I have also done a blog post on all three of these coffees that you can check out here
They are super delicious so don't forget to enter for your chance of winning them!!! 

If you want to help me keep doing what I do, you can donate me a "coffee" here

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