100 Things I Really Like

Recently I saw a post over on Smaggle (if you've never heard of Carly, what are you doing she's pretty rad) of 100 things she really liked. I thought this was such a cool idea, and an amazing way to get to know someone through a blog - so of course, taking inspiration from Carly, here is my list of 100 things I really like:

Read Carly's post here

1. Coffee - wow, really? Who'd of thought it

2. True crime documentaries

3. Loose leaf Earl Grey

4. Naps - any time, anywhere

5. Autumn and Winter 

6. Forehead kisses

7. Fresh mint, in everything

8. Wine, because who doesn't

9. The Greatest Showman

10. The colour yellow

11. The colour orange

12. Raspberries

13. Squat proof workout leggings

14. Long walks, anywhere 

15. The colour combination of grey and yellow together 

16. Rwandan coffee

17. Dairy free red velvet cake

18. When cafes have oat milk (still quite a rarity around here)

19. Red lipstick

20. Striped t-shirts 

21. Fluffy blankets that feel as soft as clouds

22. Oversized hoodies

23. CBD Oil

24. Halo Top dairy free ice-cream

25. When my niece tells me she loves me

26. Buying gifts for people

27. Podcasts

28. Writing a really good blog post

29. Chalkboards

30. Rose gold anything

31. Creating a really good DIY

32. Hot chocolate (with squirty cream)

33. Dinosaurs, especially t-rexs

34. The feeling you get when getting a new tattoo

35. Home inspo Pinterest boards

36. Enamel pin badges

37. Christmas themed pyjama sets

38. Really symmetrical latte art 

39. Pamper days

40. Big dogs

41. Small dogs

44. Aesthetically pleasing places

45. Funny A boards and signs

46. 3D latte art (not to drink, but they look pretty cool)

47. That feeling in a cafe when you give them your reusable cup 

48. The very occasional times of having a clean car

49. Essential oil diffusers

50. Epsom salts in the bath 

51. Cold brew

52. A good cup of tea

53. Watching somebody talk about something they're really passionate about

54. Hearing the rain pour whilst you're tucked in bed

55. Hot water bottles

56. Making things with coffee grounds

57. Stretching and yoga

58. Meditation

59. Vanilla scented candles

60. Anything sweet chilli flavoured

61. Zero waste shops

62. The feeling when you dry brush/exfoliate

63. Sea glass hunting

64. Pancakes! 

65. Felt Christmas decorations 

66. Sweet pickled garlic (don't even judge me, its delicious) 

67. Long drives

68. Toast 

69. Watermelon

70. When your boyfriend likes what you've cooked

71. Mugs

72. Pantry food stored in jars (ugh, so Pinterest)

73. Cool V60 stands

74. Back stretches

75. Coffee Subscription boxes

76. The vibe and atmosphere at Latte Art Throwdowns

77. Fresh sheets

78. Finding avocados reduced at Tesco

79. Watching thrift flips on YouTube (the things people can do!!!! wow!!!)

80. Videos of cute kids making coffee

81. Planning trips 

82. Exploring new places 

83. Winning on a scratch card

84. Scrapbooking

85. Getting a notification from Shazam saying you were one of the first people to discover a global hit

86. Paying for parking using my phone (its the lil things)

87. The app Forest

88. Google keep notes

89. Making new spotify playlists

90. The aesthetics of some peoples Instagrams

91. The smell of coffee roasterys

92. Date nights

93. Crop tops with high waisted jeans

94. Getting a fresh hair cut

95. Black forest hot chocolate (thanks Costa) 

96. Seeing kids faces when I etch a bear in their chocolate babycino's

97. Waking up before sunrise (in summer months, obviously)

 98. Baby cuddles

99. Crispy fried tofu

100. Seeing live ballet

As it turns out 100 things is actually quite a lot, hats off to whoever got to the end of the list. 

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