Rabbit Hole Roasters - Yunnan - Dog and Hat Box

 It's the last bag in the Birthday celebration box from Dog and Hat!

The last bag in this box is an exciting one, they have been on my to try list since Dog and Hat last had them in their box. 

Yellow bags just hook me in.

Who are Rabbit Hole Roasters?

"We know very little about coffee, and we are okay with that. 

That's one of the reasons we called this company Rabbit Hole. It's because we want to dive infinitely deep in all thing’s coffee, from sustainability to tasting notes, from equality across the chain to brew ratios, etc.

We can all be interested in coffee for different reasons and that’s ok.

But what we know, we are willing to share. We are trying to create a company where there is no gatekeeping, where all drinkers are welcomed and where any questions can be asked.

The truth is we are too small to go to the farm yet and too new to pretend to be the best. We are figuring it out as we go and we do our best to share our journey with you as openly as possible.

Our goal is to build an honest business and dear we say, different.

We want the general public to be more curious while also satisfying the coffee geeks."

Roaster: Loring S15

The Coffee

From Ms Nanu's farm near Kaku in the Yunnan Province area of the Menglian region of China.

Kaku is in a Wa region bordering Myanmar. Traditionally, the Wa people lived mid mountain, with the Dai living on the plain level and the Lahu higher up.

The name Kaku is the new name we will use since the farmers decided it was what represented the coffee best. Kaku is a reference to the Lahu people who pick this coffee.

In 1998, a severe frost killed 90% of the cherries, making lots of farmers abandon coffee production altogether. Ms Nanu persevered and now offers what might well be the cleanest and tastiest washed coffees in all of Yunnan.

The Wa people have a close relationship to the land, and they are always looking for new processing techniques with what is available to them. 

The Beans

Processing: Washed

Altitude: 1400MASL

Varietal: Catimor

Cup Score: 85

Tasting Notes: Cherry, Almond and Vanilla

Lets brew

Brewer: V60

Recipe: 15g of Coffee, 240g of Water, total brew time 3 Minutes

Tasting: This coffee hit me with an incredible stone fruit acidity, with some definite nutty after tones. As it cooled, the nut flavour was more distinctive, like sugared almonds, and the whole cup became a sweeter brew, with vanilla tones with a lovely chocolate finish. This was a super lovely Chinese coffee - and I'm glad I've frozen a few brews worth of beans for a later use.

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