Gold Box Roastery - Indonesia - Dog and Hat Box

Phew its been a little while since we finished off the last Dog and Hat box, like I always say, better late than never! 

My favourite thing about the Dog and Hat box will always be discovering new roasters that I typically wouldn't discover on my own (top perk of having a subscription coffee box!)

Who are Gold Box Roastery?

The simple philosophy at the centre of our business is less swagger, more substance; Our coffee speaks for itself.

It's the creativity, warmth and mastery of the farmers we meet along the way that inspires our approach to speciality coffee. They're the real heroes of our trade. From Ecuador to Bolivia: Kenya to Ethiopia, each new origin we visit teaches us something new. Reinvigorating our passion to create coffees as unforgettable as the locations they originate from.

It's not simply the country of origin that factors unto the flavour of your coffee. Everything from the altitude it's grown at, to the soil and the techniques used to farm it can distinctly change the flavour. We only select ripe beans from altitudes where they grow at their finest to bring you incredible coffees with chocolate to fruity notes, and everything in between. 

Roasting coffee is an art form. That's why we use watercolour paintings to represent the complex flavour profiles of each new specialty roast. 

Roaster - Probat P25

The Coffee

Indonesia Team Pegasing

From the Pegasing washing station in the North Sumatra region of Indonesia. 

This washing station and farm belonging to Hendra and his family is an island of specialty experimental processed coffee in a sea of conventional wet hulled coffee the area is typically known for.

Hendra and the family have invested heavily in the farm and post harvesting facilities where they have built a small wet will with two pulpers, gravitational washing channels and several raised beds in large poly tunnels for drying coffee.

Hendra has continued to experiment and now has around 8-10 different processes that he produces. The small washing station will produce up to 40 tons of green coffee every year. The coffee is purchased from 70 farmers around the area who want to work with Hendra and pick ripe cherries as he has incentivised them to do this by rewarding good picking. If any farmers have travelled further to get to Hendra's farm then they are paid extra for this as well.

Process - Anaerobic Natural

Altitude - 1300-1500MASL

Varietal - Typica

Taste Notes - Tropical Fruit and Spice 

Let's Brew! 

Brewer: V60 

Recipe: 15g / 225g 

Total Brew Time: 2 Minutes 3 Seconds

Ratio: 1:15

Taste: This coffee was unlike any other Indonesian coffee I've had (in the best way!). The initial taste was a wave of dark brown sugar tartness. When the cup had cooled slightly, I got notes of fruit that is super rare to find in coffee (my favourite kind of coffees!) super sweet honeydew melon, with sweet pineapple notes to accompany. It was super tropical in flavour which is an absolute delight (and haven't had a coffee like this since Bailies released Stephens World Brewer Cup roast!) it was a pure delight to have an absolutely delicious coffee and it's safe to say that this bag of coffee went down very quickly!!

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