Here's to 2022

Well 2021, you were certainly an interesting year. A year filled with hope, and to a big extent you didn't disappoint.

The Coffee Life took a huge step back off the coffee scene for the majority of 2021, and I'm really thankful that it happened, I needed the break to figure out what direction I wanted to go in, and to begin a healing journey within myself.

Fast forward to now, and I think I know what my vision is for 2022 on The Coffee Life, I want to continue making content that I love and I enjoy, including reviewing coffee and making silly little tiktoks brewing. I'd like to create something that I haven't seen anyone else create (more info on that soon!) and I'd just like to fall back in love with coffee like when I created this blog. 

Even though I stepped back from the coffee industry massively, I still managed to enjoy a LOT of coffee (coffee bag empties coming in the new year, can't forget that tradition!), I also uploaded 28 blog posts, which I'm still counting as a huge win.

I got to work with some incredible coffee companies on the blog this year, including Coffee with a Cauz, Two Chimps Coffee, Rise Coffee Box, Dog and Hat, and I am so incredibly grateful for that.

I got to go to London Coffee Festival and enjoy a day with so many coffee friends I hadn't seen in 18 months (thanks Covid!), getting absolutely buzzed with every espresso and filter consumed, and meeting incredible new people. 

I am proud of the latte art I have continued to make, even though i stick to the basics of pouring, I think my skill has definitely improved consistency wise. (Latte Art Lookback also coming in the new year!)

My face is in the Indy Coffee Guide (2020 South West edition) and most recently Bar & Kitchen magazine showcasing some of my latte art. 

I've worked with some incredible people this year, including the gang over at Bijou Coffee House and my absolute best friend in the world Queenie at Queenies Travelling Teapot, doing events such as Goodwood Revival and Lee Victory Festival.

I have a job that I love and that I am passionate about, (big thanks to my boyf for that one) being a manager of a coffee shop has given me a new found love for the industry and coffee in general. 

So 2022, lets see what happens.