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 The last coffee to feature from the September Dog and Hat box is from River City, and again another company I have not tried! 

So who are River City Coffee

"We created hand roasted, amazing fresh coffee for all without the smoke and mirrors (and high prices!) we seemed to find everywhere in the coffee industry.

After a year we moved into our first industrial premises and set about creating our own micro-roasters based around our 5kg production roaster (nicknamed Harold) in 2017.

Fast forward to today, and another huge upgrade project later, and we are operating from our purpose built commercial capacity Roastery in the heart of Hull with our own on site barista training facility. Harold is still with us but takes a well earned rest for the most part after we upgraded to a new 15kg double walled drum roaster (Bertha, Bertie for short) in summer 2019.

We are still passionate artisan coffee roasters through and through."

RoasterBesca BSC-15 (named Bertie) 

The Coffee

From smallholders from the Rwenzori Mountains region of Uganda.

These direct trade beans from the slopes of the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda find their way to our Roastery through the careful stewardship of Martin from the Rwenzori Coffee Company

Older heritage varietals of coffees are grown on often remote areas of the mountainous landscape by small farming cooperatives. Martin has been working hard with the farmers to develop more sustainable commercial coffee farming and driven the investment in better growing practices, harvesting protocols and processing methods to produce one of the best coffees we've ever tasted.

The wild, high altitude growing climate and natural processing method the beans is evident in the fruit explosion they offer in the cup. Roasting this bean to a 'fast and light' profile produces a crisp strawberry acidity moving through a creamy body to a sweet caramel finish. 

The Beans

Uganda Rwenzori Mountains

Process: Natural 

Altitude: 1600-1800MASL

Varietal: Nyasaland, Bugisu, SL28, SL34

Taste: Strawberry Ice Cream, Caramel

SCA Score: 86

Let's Brew!

Brewer: V60

Recipe: 15g/225g

3 Minute Total Brew Time

Ratio 1:15

This coffee came through super smooth and creamy, with some hints of caramel immediately, as it cooled down I got more cherry acidity from the cup. The rush of flavours being berries and it became super fruity as it was cooled completely.

I tried a few different brew recipes with this one as my first recipe I felt didn't brew it to its full potential, but after taste testing a few, I think I finally got it right, delicious all round. 

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