The Return Of Untold Coffee Box

I am super excited to do this blog post, because .... GUESS WHATS BACK?


For the first box, we had two tins of the gorgeous Brazilian from producer Danilo Barbosa

While we're on the subject of tins, Untold Coffee have changed their packaging, and for the better. It not only looks incredible but does it's bit for the planet too. 

Untold have also put an incredible (and inspirational) message on every tin
"Let's keep this simple. We're called Untold, and we're passionate about sourcing delicious coffee, responsibly. 
Leveraging the power of social media we're maintaining friendships with farmers and co-operatives hundreds of miles away.
We've worked for one of the biggest coffee chains in the world, as well as some of the smallest, and now we're doing our own thing, striving to be better everyday." 

I'm so happy that Untold Boxes are back, and I'm excited to see what coffees they come out with in the future. 

So, lets dive into box number 1 

Untold are doing things differently in these subscription boxes, with all their own coffee, and it now includes a super cute information leaflet.

(so freaking cute)

About this coffee - This coffee comes from Farkm Cachoeira, one of two farms owned by Danilo Barbosa. 
The D. Barbosa group are a family of coffee producers, consisting of fathers, mothers, sons and in-laws, all dedicated to cultivating coffee that is truly special, in order to honour their ancestors who began this culture in 1930.

Region - Minas Gerais, Brazil
Producer - Danilo Barbosa
Varietal - Yellow Catuai
Process - Fermented Natural
Cupping Score - 83
Flavour Notes - Dark Chocolate and Sweet Red Berries 

I did two brews with this coffee that really brought out the specific taste notes, both through v60

Brew Number 1 
V60 Brew

18g of Coffee 
280ml of Water 
2 Minute 45 Second Total Brew Time 
25 Second Bloom with 40ml Water

Super smooth and mellow with lots of aromatic chocolate notes, you get the more berry tones as it cools

Brew Number 2
V60 Brew
15g of Coffee
275ml of Water
2 Minute 45 Second Total Brew Time
20 Second Bloom with 40ml Water

This second brew definitely brought out the more delicate fruity tones, making it super smooth and mellow, with the subtle chocolate notes coming through at the end  

Brew Number 3

14.5g of Coffee 
1 Minute 45 Second Brew 
25 Second Push 
2 Minute 10 Second Total Brew Time
25 Second Bloom 

I hadn't actually used my aeropress in well over a month, and I definitely forgot what an incredible cup it makes, using the aeropress brought out ALL of the chocolatey notes, made it a super bold and delicious cup. 

All in all, I can't wait to see what Untold Coffee has up their sleeves in regards to the upcoming subscription boxes - I for one, am super excited 

Are you signed up for Untold Coffee Subscriptions? 

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