One Click Coffee Box 4

After a longer blogging hiatus than intended, I am back, and raring to go.
I have so many exciting blog posts coming up over the next few months that I just want to publish them all now!! But we'll start off with the fabulous One Click Coffee Box which of course had delicious coffees

This box was a beauty, not only for the coffee, but it included a very special Huskee Cup (ugh, beautiful, what a dream) and as you can imagine, I dropped it straight away in excitement (good one Jass) and of course included the monthly newspaper, with lots of great interviews and brewing tips. 

The coffees included in this box were two fantastic coffee companies - Origin and Moonroast 
Both companies I've tried before, and loved, so was excited to see how delicious these two coffees were.

We'll start with Moonroast

Peru El Huerto 
Filter Roast
Producer - Riveria Marines Santos
Region - Chanchamayo, Junin
Varietal - Gesha, Bourbon, Catuai
Process - Washed
Altitude - 1700m Above Sea Level
Taste Notes - Black Tea, Sparkling Acidity, Jasmine and Florals 

V60 Brew

18g of Coffee
280ml of Water 
2 Minute 45 Second Total Brew Time
(25 Second Bloom with 50ml Water)
Ratio 1:15

Every single coffee I've tried from Moonroast has been absolutely delicious, and this was no different. This Peruvian tasted incredible, super florally with lots of sweet acidity, gorgeous subtle black tea flavours as it cools, it lives up to it's taste notes amazingly. 
It's super light so it works incredibly well as the first coffee of the day with no overwhelming IN YOUR FACE taste notes, and I've very much been enjoying this coffee most days (sorry to all the coffees I haven't tried yet because I've just been drinking this)

Secondly - Origin

Bushekeri Lot 1
Prcoess - Washed
Varietal - Red Bourbon
Taste Notes - Red Apple, Caramel, Apple

V60 Brew 
19g of Coffee
295ml of Water 
3 Minute Total Brew Time
(30 Second Bloom with 45ml of Water)
Ratio 1:15

Another incredible coffee, and again the same with Moonroast, Origin is a company that I cannot fault their coffees in the slightest, they're super tasty - I'd been getting a bit fed up of Rwandan's this year because among the amazing ones there were definitely some mediocre ones, but no fear this one has restored my faith in good Rwandans
This coffee was super fresh and light, with a fantastic syrup-y mouthfeel. You really get the fresh fruity notes making it a delicious coffee to enjoy (over half the bag in 24 hours) 

I'm very much enjoying using my Huskee Cup and it's an amazing addition to my reusable cup collection (and so easy to clean!!!!) 

Have you tried out Moonroast or Origin? What did you think?

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