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As more and more subscription boxes pop up, one that has been around for a long while, and one that's been on my list to try out for again, a long while, is Dog and Hat

Dog and Hat is run by Su and Dave Morgan and based in an old farmhouse on the outskirts of York.
They have one goal: to provide an exceptionally varied selection of the highest quality coffee

For my first box I was surprised to find not just 2, but 4 coffees! 
- A Rwandan from Colonna
- A Peruvian from Plot Roasting
- And two gorgeous espresso roasts from Wolfox (which wont be featured in this blog post, because I have way too much coffee opened right now to validate opening two more, and not to mention all my espresso gear is packed away right now ready to go and be unpacked in my new flat) but don't worry - I'm sure I'll have a blog post specifically for the two Wolfox coffees soon

We also have the monthly information guide, called dialled in (and they included some rad dialled in stickers!!!) 
This leaflet includes the ins and outs of all of the coffees they are offering that specific month, what they've been up too, and recipes and tips and tricks to try out. It's jam packed with information and I love it

What I love about subscription boxes is that I get to try out so many coffee companies that are on my list, but wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to specifically order individually. I get to try them a lot quicker if they come through a subscription box. 

Colonna - Rwanda 

Twongerekawa Coko
Rwanda's Gakenke District
Hand Sorting Techniques
Taste Notes - Deep and Fruity, Notes of Boiled Sweets, Raspberry Jam and  Blackberry

For a first coffee from Colonna, I was not disappointed, with lots of fruity aromas and taste notes, along with the low acidity point, this Rwandan is absolutely delicious, you also get some subtle earthy undertones.

V60 recipe used
18g of Coffee
270ml of Water
(50 second bloom for 30 seconds)
3 Minute Total Brew Time

Plot Roasters 
Huamantanga, Peru
Taste Notes: Cherry, Chocolate, Caramel

We'll just take a moment to appreciate the packaging here - incredible
This gorgeous Peruvian is super syrup-y, super sweet, super delicious.
With some dark chocolate mouthfeels chucked in there and stone fruit acidity.
This is an absolutely gorgeous coffee, super intense and fruity, and absolutely delicious (and shockingly super close to the bag taste notes, that hardly ever happens!!) 

V60 recipe used
18g of Coffee
270ml of Water
(50 second bloom for 30 seconds)
3 Minute Total Brew Time

I have really enjoyed my first Dog and Hat subscription box, and now that I'm all moved into my new flat I can really focus on new coffee posts and other blogging things, which I'm super excited about! 

More about Dog and Hat coffee

With Dog and Hat you have AMAZING options on their subscription boxes

Dog and Hat Box Options
- Assorted, Including omniroast espresso and filter beans
- Filter, Including omniroast and filter beans only
- Espresso, Including omniroast and espresso roast only
- Dark(er), Including espresso roast only

You can choose how many coffees you get per month (between 2 and 4!) and for a subscription box it's super affordable

Dog and Hat Prices for Boxes
- 2 Coffee Subscription £17
- 3 Coffee Subscription £24
- 4 Coffee Subscription £31

Not only are the boxes super affordable, you get free delivery (always a win!). ALL of their subscription boxes are sent in recycled packaging. You get detailed tasting notes for EVERY coffee, and you also get access to a super cool Members Area.

They also have a fully stocked Coffee Gifts section on their website - with products ranging from cups, books, filter equipment, and toiletries (including The Coffee Life soaps!!)

Where you can find Dog and Hat

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post about a new subscription box that is for sure staying around. In July, there will likely be 2 Dog and Hat posts because I'm about a month behind my own subscription, so look forward to that! 

Are you subscribed to Dog and Hat?

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