Untold Coffee Box 8

We're so close to being in double digits for Untold Coffee Box's now, and if that doesn't prove commitment and loyalty to coffee (and subscription boxes) I don't know what does. 

This is also a very special box too, it contained the last ever outside company Untold will be using for their subscription boxes, and I am super excited to be having Untold in my cupboard every month, because although I love, love, love trying new things, I also love familiarity, and now that I've started my subscription to One Click, it's nice to have some familiar feels in regards to packaging (ooh, talking of... Look out for Untold's new super freaking cool packaging in a couple of posts time!!) 

This box, we had 2 gorgeous coffees from Heart and Graft, which like many coffee's in the past, have been on my to try list for 2019.

First up, Chateau 76
Ethiopia Kochere Debo
Region - Kochere
Variety - Locally Selected
Altitude - 1900-2100masl 
Process - Washed
Taste Notes - Blackcurrant Jam, Cassis, Blackcurrant Leaf

Aeropress - 16g - 2 minute 45 second brew time - 30 second bloom - 30 second push

Taste Notes - Super, super sweet, curranty. Next to no acidity, super smooth.

V60 - 19g - 275ml - 3 minute 30 second total brew time - 30 second bloom

Taste Notes - Super smooth, curranty, syrup-y and light to drink. A slight fruity acidity as it cools 

Overall, no matter how this coffee is brewed it comes out deliciously sweet, deliciously curranty and makes for the perfect morning coffee when you don't want to be smacked in the face by acidity.

Miriam Perez
Honduras Microlot 
Farm - Clave De Sol, Las Tres Marias Lot
Variety - Icatu, Catuai 
Altitude - 1300-1560masl
Process - Natural 
Taste Notes - Mulled wine, rum & raisin, apricot 

V60 - 19g - 275ml - 3 minute 30 second total brew time - 30 second bloom

Taste Notes -  Super boozy, with a sweet wine-y acidity (anything that resembles wine is a WINNER hands down) a stone-fruity aftertaste. Super yummy, and out of the two, I'd definitely choose this one, and can we just appreciate the packaging (for both!!!) 

This was such an amazing box to finish outside coffee's from Untold Sub Box, and I am so pleased I got to try them! 
Have you tried Heart and Graft? What did you think?

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