The Coffee Life Co Gets A Revamp!

 If you've been following The Coffee Life for a while - you'll know that about a year ago I set up The Coffee Life co! 

It's taken a huge backseat on my priority list this year, through lock down and working a lot, and general struggles. However, now that we're actually starting to get some motivation for The Coffee Life and Co, I thought it was time for a re-vamp. 


Exfoliating Coffee Soaps have got a brand new look! 

They now come in boxes, with the care card inside (instead of floating around in your package!) as well as coming in a drawstring bag, making it easier to store.

You now also have the option to choose an individual soap instead of the pack of 2! (pack of 2's are still available!) 

Shop for Soaps


I recently invested in a brand new light box, after smashing my other big box light (oops) which means everything is photographed so much better than they were before! 

Shop for TCL x Pallet Dad "Coffee Love" tealight holder


Soap Saver Bags - AVAILABLE NOW! 

I have introduced a more sustainable way to store your soap - introducing the soap saver bag.

Made from 100% Sisal material meaning it's perfect to pop all your small soap parts in to make sure nothing is wasted! 

Shop Soap Saver Bag

Coffee Oil - COMING SOON!

Very soon on The Coffee Life Co will be Coffee Oil - you may remember me doing a blog post all about Coffee Oil way back when! Having researched more, and with LOTS of experimenting (thanks to the people who have helped me test COPIOUS amounts of Oil)

Coffee Oil has some INCREDIBLE benefits, for both your face & body, and hair (yes that's right, your hair!!) I will be adding a section into my Shop Info page all about it soon!


In the run up to Christmas (YES I KNOW, I SAID THE C WORD) I'll be dropping new candles weekly! 

These coffee cup candles are super popular on my site, and make an absolutely gorgeous gift for a loved one. They sell out super quickly, so if you see one you like, grab it! 

The option for gift wrapping is also available! 

Don't worry, there are over 100 candles that will be available between now and Christmas, all with different designs, some with multiples and some absolutely gorgeously unique designs. 

Check which ones are available RIGHT NOW by clicking here

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