Well, What a Shit Show

 Eeesh, it's certainly been a while.

2020 has been a shit-show, I'm not even going to bother trying to sugar coat it. 

I've struggled - I've not been okay - I have wanted to quit. 

So I took a break, a way longer break than I could've ever intended.

However, slowly and surely, I'm making my presence known on social media again, I'm starting to find my passion for coffee again, and I'm finally starting to want to blog again. 

Negativity is something I try to never bring to The Coffee Life - focusing on positives, focusing on good mental health, and I just haven't been able to do that recently. Hence my absence, and I apologise to people who look forward to reading my rambles about coffee. But I am also incredibly thankful to those who reached out on Instagram/Twitter and elsewhere to check up on me. I am so blessed with such an amazing community through The Coffee Life.

However, big and exciting things are coming for The Coffee Life - The Coffee Life Co products are getting a revamp - I'm going to start slowly blogging more and more. 

Although this isn't actually a blog post about coffee - it's been nice to figure out my chatty writing style again, it's been nice to sit and just type whatever my brain comes up with. Even if most of it doesn't make sense (story of my life huh) 

I'll see you soon with some coffee related blog posts.

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