Beans Coffee Club Box 1

What's this? A new subscription coffee service?
I've followed Beans Coffee Club on Instagram for a while now and was intrigued about them as a company and what they do.

Funnily enough in the same week we had both emailed each other asking if we wanted to work together on something, surprisingly the answer was yes. So here is to working with another fantastic company. 

So who are Beans Coffee Club?

Beans is operated by a small team of 5 people who all love coffee - we have come together because we saw an opportunity to make speciality coffee more accessible for people. Our experiences were that it wasn't easy to find new coffee roasters and when we did, it wasn't easy to know which beans we were going to enjoy - so Beans was born.
We have many years of experience within the coffee industry but our main passion has always been discovering and enjoying new coffees. Although we now have a great working relationships with some of the best coffee roasters in the country. We are still searching for and discovering new coffee roasters all the time. We are tasting new coffees every day and the ones we love will make it into our subscription offerings in the future.

Our mission is to make it easy to explore the world of speciality coffee, to discover new amazing coffee roasters and coffees and help brew the world's best coffee at home. Why take a coffee subscription with one roaster when you can have a subscription which features them all?

Keep it personal 
Tell us your preferences - we feature over 150 offees from 15 of the countries best roasters - to make it easy to find coffees you'll love we match you based on your personal preferences. Simply answer a few questions to create your own bespoke subscription.
Choose your pricing - Each coffee can be a different price so to keep things simple we created two different pricing tiers - standard at £7.99 and exclusive at £9.99. Standard coffees are fantastic and versatile, featuring blends which will be liked by most. Exclusive tier coffees are a little rarer and more complex for people feeling a little more adventurous 
Select your frequency - Simply choose how often you would like to receive a new coffee - weekly, fortnightly or monthly - depending on how much coffee you drink. We'll do the rest. 

You'll always know when your box has arrived by the distinct sticker, and it was a super exciting day when my first box arrived.

For my first box I got sent this super delicious Kenyan from Quarter Horse

The beans 
Kayoni Microlot - Kenya
Varietal - SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, K7, Baitan
Process - Washed
Region - Kiambu 
Taste Notes - Apricot, Cane Sugar Sweetness, Floral Finish

Brew time 

V60 Brew
18g of Coffee
275ml of Water
3 Minute Total Brew Time
40ml Bloom, 30 Seconds, 10 Second Agitation 

This brew came out super sweet and syrup-y, lots of sweet floral aromas and a smooth and balanced acidity. 

Every brew that I made from this bag had very similar taste notes, which is always a bonus, I cant wait to brew this through aeropress as well, I think it will really bring out those more prominent apricot flavours. 

Fancy yourself a subscription from Beans Coffee Club? Click here

Find Beans Coffee Club 

Website - here
Instagram - here
Facebook - here

Stay tuned for the next Beans Coffee Club box soon.