One Click Coffee Box 5

Boy, this blog post is a bit late huh?

Embarrassingly this box is actually the June box (please don't judge me, I know how far behind I am on blogs ok) 

BUT, that's not going to stop me showing you what delicious coffee's we had from the June box, so sit tight, maybe grab a cup of coffee (it's thematic ok) and keep reading 

To give you an idea on how long ago this photo was taken, I DON'T EVEN LIVE IN THE SAME HOUSE ANYMORE

In this box, we had two delicious coffees - one from Taylor St and the other from Calendar Coffee

In this box was also a reusable straw from One Click x Taylor St, which has seen a lot of use, through cold brew, iced coffees and after my op, about 20 pints of the classic orange and mango squash (and it's still in tip top shape) 

We'll start with Taylor Street

"Our coffee's rated in the top 2% of the coffee grown in the world. That means it's been independently assessed and awarded a quality score of 84+ based on its body, aroma, flavour, after-taste, acidity, balance and overall complexity" 

Ethiopia Hambela
Producers - Hambela, Oromia, Guji
Varietal - Heirloom 
Process - Washed
Quality Score - 87
Tasting Notes - Tea rose, Mint, Honey 

V60 Brew

16g of Coffee 
275ml of Water 
40g bloom for 25 seconds
2 minute 45 second total brew time

I'll start with one word WOAH, this coffee is freaking delicious, I went through this bag probably the quickest I have a bag all year (which says something, because I have tried some amazing coffees) 
It was so sweet, so syrup-y, so delicious 

I also brewed this as a cold brew (because we've actually had good weather!!) brewed 50g of coffee for 12 hours, and again, woah. It came out as such a light and smooth coffee, both hot and cold.

Find Taylor Street

Moving onto the other incredible coffee 

Calendar Coffee 

First of all, can we appreciate the art work on this bag? Hats off to Cadi Lane for this incredible work 

Vitaliano Merino 
Region - Zamora
Roasted in Galway, Ireland 
Varietal - Caturra, Typica, Mejorado
Process - Washed
Altitude - 1750masl
Tasting Notes - Cantaloupe Melon and Wild Honey

V60 Brew

16g of Coffee 
275ml of Water 
40g bloom for 25 seconds
2 minute 45 second total brew time

Much like with the Taylor Street coffee, this coffee from Calendar was another amazing brew, so bright and smooth with a welcomed fruity acidity
When brewed through an aeropress, (14g, my usual recipe) it definitely brought the fruiter flavours through, and I might actually of preferred it through aeropress, just because of that. 

I also made some cold brew with this coffee, which was absolutely insane, it brought out the sweet honey flavours, and made it such a bright and syrupy cold brew 

What did you think of the June box? (if you can even remember it since it was MONTHS ago now) 

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