London Coffee Festival 2018

There is no better time of the year than when London Coffee Festival comes around.

This year the festival ran from the 12th until the 15th and I was lucky enough to get two days off to go, Friday and Saturday (Saturdays are hell, do not recommend) 

(did you even go to London Coffee Festival if you didn't take this exact photo)

Just outside of Shoreditch station is the pop-up Oatly stand, where religiously you head first, to get an Oatly x Old Spike coffee  - which is yummy (especially as I had been on the train for 3 hours, I NEEDED that coffee) 

Oatly have also out-done themselves on their promoting this year, every street, every wall I looked at in Shoreditch seemed to have some kind of connection with the brand (bravo for the commitment)

Entering the Festival on Friday was a breeze, quite literally just walked in, no queue's, no people shouting profanities at the staff (ah Saturday people, you were great) 
The first place I headed was to the Art Bar/Latte Art Live area, to watch Benji's set 

Of course showing off with emoji's and Sonic the Hedgehog

(I seem to have taken more photo's of Ben, than of anything else, supportive or creepy you decide)

I managed to catch up with so many lovely people that I haven't seen in months

Big shout to Ana, this made it onto her actual Instagram and not just on her story (winning)

A more stranger part of the day, was meeting Russell Howard. I mean out of all places, the coffee festival?? Heck knows.

and of course, my favourite part of both days (obviously)
if you've read my blog for a while (or even just scrolled though my posts) you'll know that the Fi and Casey over at Girls Who Grind Coffee are very dear to me, I love what they do, what they stand for and they motivate me everyday (without them even realising) 
I finally got to meet the two lovely ladies (I may of almost shed a tear)

Just look how cute we are!!!!! 

Saturday rolled around quickly, and after an attempt at a lie in (damn you 6am body clock) I headed back up to London for day 2, as I was only going in for the lunch-time session, I headed off to search for the Has-Bean pop up (hard when you have no sense of direction, even when they tell you to follow a huge red balloon)

I managed to pour this little beauty on their machine, but failed (evidently) to take any other photographs of the amazing interior, I was so fascinated with how they'd used the space (which I later learned that it used to be a public toilet, amazing) 

Like I mentioned above earlier, Saturday's entrance was not all that "graceful" a completely different crowd arose (remind me next year to go on both industry days) but none the less I was in and headed straight to GWGC to say hey to the girls (and grab a cheeky spro) 

It took at least 7 attempts to get a semi non-blurry photo, damn you caffeine 

The rest of the Saturday was a bit of a blur, my anxiety mixed with a hefty dose of caffeine was not a good mix, but I did manage to pick up some lovely coffee's and tea's (oh yeah I was that person who got tea from a coffee festival) which some will be featured on the blog during the month of May

If you went to the Coffee Festival I hope you had an amazing time, I certainly had a blast, and I cant wait for next years!!! 

Note to self: Take more photos, and not just of Benji.

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