Familiarity : close acquaintance with or knowledge of something.

Familiarity is an odd thing, I recently went back to where I used to spend a lot of hours during the "alternative" teenage years, this place meant a lot to me, and it used to be assosiated as "Jass' Place" to many of my friends, some who were lucky enough to be invited to just "sit and think" with me in this very spot. 
I'd sit for hours, thinking about what future years would bring, and asking myself "would I always feel this low? Is this how my life is meant to be?" The answer being: yes and no.

But the truth is, life is filled with ups and downs, moments of joy, and moments of sadness. Recently I have found myself wandering back to this bridge, to "think and sit" and it's been nice, albeit slightly freezing.
Things change, people change, but the most important thing is to find something or somewhere you can go to get away from it all when it gets too much. Even if it is a bridge that may be slightly unstable (metaphoric much?!)

Find something that makes you feel safe, whether that's a person, a place, a pet, a book, anything. Find something that makes you feel secure in yourself, and that allows you to think and be, find something that makes you feel whole again. 

I guess this post should've come out around Mental Health Day, but everyday should be focused on making your mental health bearable, and better, to one day break through the barriers of being in "that dark place" take time for yourself, and be selfish about it. 
You deserve to feel the best you possibly can, and no one can take that away from you.