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 Whilst purchasing the Colombian Lactic Acid Experimentation coffee from UE, (read all about that here) another coffee caught my eye, I haven't had many coffees from Honduras recently, so I decided to pick one up. 

Incase you need a refresher on who UE Coffee Roasters are;

UE Coffee are an independently owned and family run business, who are forever curious and ready to transform the way coffee is served.

Established in 2009 by Dominic and Daniella Boyett, the mission was to offer great coffee whilst making it accessible to everyone. They have dedicated the last decade and more to learning, working hard and building more than just another coffee brand. They have learned that it takes a team with passion and determination in the pursuit of excellence to make a company great.

Experience is something they cherish and harness to be the best they can be, whether it is from the experience from their customers, in their own retail stores or through their wholesale partners. It takes time and considerable training to learn how to get the best from coffee, to understand the roasting process, the science and to be able to offer first-rate support to their customers.

A great deal of work is involved in sourcing speciality grade and experimental micro-lot coffees ensuring that they buy both ethically and sustainable from growers with direct longstanding trading relationships

"It is our responsibility to honour the hard work already invested in the coffee by roasting it to showcase its distinctive qualities. Roasting is one of the most delicate and critical parts of the process that leads to a great cup of coffee. We want to ensure that we focus on showcasing what makes a particular variety, origin or farm so thrilling"

Roaster used by EU Coffee: Giesen

The Coffee

This coffee comes from a group of female Lenca producers in Lempira department in the Opalaca region of Honduras and is exclusive to UE Coffee Roasters in the UK.

The Lenca are the largest indigenous group in Honduras, there are an estimated 100,000 Lenca in the country, with their activity primarily focused around cultivation of agricultural crops.

Following two major hurricanes in 2020, much of their drying infrastructure for processing coffee in this region was damaged. A premium of 15c/lb was paid on this coffee to facilitate the building of a community drying station with raised parabolic beds. The station is available for free for the producers of the group. They receive training to use the thermo hygrometer and moisture meter to help them track air temperature, humidity and the moisture content of their drying coffee to ensure the final quality of their processed crop.

Region- Opalaca, Honduras

Grower -  Lenca Woman's Group

Altitude - 1800MASL

Varietal - Catuai, Catimor, IH90

Process - Washed

Taste - Peach, Caramel, Hazelnut 

Let's Brew! 

Brewer - V60

Recipe - 15g of Coffee, 250g of Water

Slight agitation

3 Minute total brew time

This coffee came through with some punchy stone fruit notes, I'd definitely describe it as more cherry than the actual box notes of peach, it also came through with some lovely nutty after tones. 
After it cooled slightly, it became more syrupy and sweet which made it a delicious. brew. 
I've been really enjoying the coffee coming out of Honduras this year, so I will be enjoying the rest of this delicious box. 

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