Rise Coffee Box - Jericho Coffee Traders & Press Coffee Co

 *This box was kindly gifted to me from the lovely guys at Rise*

Rise and Shine to Better Coffee

Rise Coffee Box started in 2020 (like most great ideas it began in lockdown!) Alice and Ben were missing their morning coffees on the way to work, and went on a hunt for good coffee to drink at home. They started looking for a coffee subscription box that offered a variety and mix, but coming up short they decided to take matters into their own hands, starting their mission to bring delicious and exciting varieties of coffee to the homes of all coffee lovers. They have grown an amazing coffee club and even created their own Rise Coffee, Ibanda.

Alice and Ben don't like to consider themselves coffee experts, just a couple of coffee lovers who love to try new things. They love to discover and taste new varieties of coffee, especially from up-and-coming roasters with a good story to tell. So they create Rise to take you on a coffee adventure with them. Partnering with some of the most exciting coffee roasters across the UK.

This months box that Rise sent over included two fantastic roasters - both which I have never tried but was on an ever growing "roasters to try" list, so I was super excited to dig into these.

Starting with Press Coffee Co

Press Coffee Co was founded in 2013 and are a family owned business. 

This single origin from Peru provides a delicious and complex cup profile, largely caused by northern Peru's changing weather, which can create both humid and wet and hot and dry soil. This coffee is naturally dried in the sun for 1-15 days with no pesticides or fertilizers.

Presbitero, Peru

Varietal - Catuai

Elevation - 1600MASL

Process - Natural

Taste Notes - Coconut, Nutmeg, Tamarind

Now to Brew..

I used a simple recipe to see what notes would come through.

V60 Brew

15g of Coffee

250g of Water

30 Second Bloom with 45g of Water

3 Minute Total Brew Time

Tasting - This coffee came out tasting quite dry, with lots of brown spice notes, it reminded me of Christmas spice with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg vibes. 

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Up next is Jericho Coffee Traders

Despite decades of challenges and decline to coffee exportation, speciality coffee is bringing new investment and hope to the Kivu region in DR Congo. The terroir provides an ideal environment for speciality arabica cultivation, with plentiful sunshine and rainfall, high elevations; and rich, fertile volcanic soils. Jericho partners with Virunga Coffee to source their beans. 

Katanda, DR Congo

North Kivu

Varietal - Bourbon

Elevation - 1500-1800MASL

Process - Red Honey, Organic

Taste Notes - Fruit Salad Vibes, Bright Tangerine and Sweet Grape Acidity

As well as brewing this through V60, I also brewed this coffee through Kalita Wave, which is the recipe down below.

Kalita Wave

30g of Coffee

500g of Water

45 Second Bloom with 75g of Water

4 Minute 20 Second Total Brew Time 

Tasting - This coffee came out tasting super fruity and smooth with lots of bright citrus acidity. After it had cooled, you get lots of delicious orange zest notes, leaving a very pleasant taste on the tongue.

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Big thank you again to Rise for sending over this box for me to try.

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