Interviewing The Coffee Industry - Tazmin Ford

 Today's fabulous guest on The Coffee Life is the lovely Tazmin. 2020 wasn't great for her, she is one of the unlucky ones who lost her job (in a terrible way) due to Covid, so please go over to her Instagram and give her lots of love! 

How are you?

I don't think I have been faced with a period of time that forces me to work on myself which has been quite spiritually freeing. I have had really dark days, especially at the start of the first lockdown. I like to believe I am coming out of this year (2020) a better person by understanding myself more.

Where do/did you work?

I was head barista for Coffee Lab The Square.

How has Coronavirus affected your job?

Furlough was rather tricky; how can a minimum wage job be lowered to 80% if MW is meant to mean living standards?

Redundancy on the other hand was heart breaking. To see a store, you've put so much effort in for, drop you and carry on to employ less qualified staff who I know to have slandered the company and most of the senior management team? I wouldn't wish it on anyone. 

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in the Coffee Industry through 2020?

Job security. I have had some pretty bad experiences whilst trying to continue employment such as contract breeches and general f*ck overs, and the jobs that I am offered where I would love to work (mainly London) just aren't enough pay to warrant a commute and it's definitely not enough to consider moving.

How have you felt about the Coffee Industry in 2020?

This may sound strange but I feel left out. From not working in a dedicated coffee environment I don't feel like I am a part of a community anymore, which really sucks.

What is something you've missed in the Coffee Industry in 2020?

The regulars. Majorly the regulars. I miss caring for people, in service and just as a friend. When I first lost my job, my mind went straight to the people who I would probably never see again and how I find it unfair that I wasn't even able to say goodbye. 

How has Coronavirus/Lockdown affected your mental health?

I have figured out over this year that I centre myself around my job, how there is a direct correlation to how hard I work and the pride I take in my job to how I feel about myself. But now I have four sources of income, however unstable they are, I am concentrating on university as well as my general health.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

Starting fresh. No expectations for the New Year. I think this year has shown us what can happen, and I would hate to go into the New Year with any excitement. I want to use the year as a stepping stone. Who knows where I will be in a years time?

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