Dog and Hat Coffee Subscription Box 9 + 10

Now that the UK is on full lockdown, it's the perfect opportunity to try and catch up on all of the blog posts I promised to. 

Much like my last One Click Coffee post, this instalment of the Dog and Hat box will not just be one fantastic box, but two! 
We have both the Christmas box and the December box. Both of which included some amazing roasters.

We'll start with the Christmas Box

We had a lovely El Salvador from Darkwoods Coffee, as well as the Christmas Blend from Northstar Coffee (exciting!!!) 

Darkwoods Coffee

Dark Woods Coffee is an adventurous coffee roaster, Barista school, and pop-up café nestled on the edge of Marsden village in the West Yorkshire Pennines. We roast our coffee by hand on a 1950’s Probat drum roaster in a beautifully refurbished Victorian textile mill beside the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and River Colne. The dramatic, windswept valley inspires the mood and flavours of our exceptional seasonal coffees.
Many of the coffees come to their attention because of Damian’s extensive travels over the years. Making friends and colleagues along the way, getting to know some of the best farms the coffee world has to offer. Not just for the quality of their beans but the professional ways in which they are managed, care for the environment and the people they work with. 

The Beans

El Salvador - Finca Pena Redonda
Single Estate Coffee
100% Pacamara
Altitude: 1500-1550 MASL
Process: Honey

Taste Notes: Damson, Chocolate, Hazelnut Brittle and Syrupy

The Brew
16g of Coffee

250ml of Water
30 Second Bloom with Agitation
3 Minute 30 Second Total Brew Time

Tastes:  This coffee had some gorgeous orange notes with sweet aromas. It came out a super smooth cup every time (I LOVE honey processed for that reason!) As it cooled, it had some super prominent chocolate and syrup notes, specifically caramel. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this coffee, and after the Darkwoods that was in the One Click box that wasn't to my taste, I was quite excited to try another coffee from them to see the difference!

Find Darkwoods 

North Star Coffee

North Star Coffee Roasters was established in 2013 as the first coffee roastery in Leeds dedicated to providing coffees of the highest quality by working with specialty focused producers all over the world. They only buy specialty grade Arabica coffees and choose beans based on their complex flavour profile, cleanliness and consistency. They work seasonally, purchasing fresh green coffee in small batches all year round which we then roast to showcase the inherent flavours of each bean. Quality and ethics are at the heart of everything they do, they work with both origin and wholesale partners to continue a positive cycle of re-investment, innovation and sustainability in an effort to guarantee the supply of outstanding coffee for many years to come. 

The Beans 
Christmas Blend 
40% Brazil
30% Honduras
30% Guatemala

Taste Notes: Milk Chocolate, Dried Fruits, Orange 

The Brew 

French Press 
16g of Coffee
275ml of Water 
6 Minute Total Brew Time 

Taste: Since I haven't got any profesh espresso equipment at home, I thought I'd stick it through a french press to see how it turned out (my next point of call would've been a mokka pot) but it came out really, really delicious.
I got some super chocolatey aromas coming from this brew, with some very prominent orange and citrus notes, super smooth with some more chocolatey notes as it cooled down. 
Super delicious! 

Find North Star

December Box 

This box included Caravan Roasters and Craft House Coffee, both of which we've seen before on The Coffee Life, but if they are as good as last time, we're in for a treat! 

Caravan Roasters
"Our aim is to source the best quality green coffee we can in the most sustainable, social and environmental way. 
We invest a lot of time into the process of sourcing and are continually working on how we approach green coffee. With our direct trade sourcing we travel to origin monthly continually fostering and nurturing the relationships we have established. 
As coffee roasters we are responsible for translating a coffees unique taste and heritage. We use our hard earned expertise to achieve this, founded on the framework of education and trial and error."

The Beans 
Musa Aba Lulesa - Ethiopia 
Region - Djimmah
Process - Natural
Varietal - Ethiopian Landraces, Jarc Selection 
Taste: Floral, Sparkly- Blood Orange Aromas, Sweet Persimmon

The Brew 

16g of Coffee250ml of Water
30 Second Bloom with Agitation
3 Minute 30 Second Total Brew Time

Taste Notes: This coffee from Caravan had some super citrus-y aromas with super sweet and fruity citrus notes (think a really sweet orange) - it had some tart acidity but it just added to the deliciousness of the cup. 

Find Caravan Coffee Roasters

Craft House Coffee
"We work with amazing origin partners who help us secure the best specialty coffee from farms all around the world. All the coffee we purchase has been ethically traded with full traceability to the farms origin. This is hugely important as it gives us assurance the farmers are paid well for the product they produce. Happy farmers, happy coffee.
Once sourced we can work on exploring its potential through developing its roast profile. The end result is such that we can showcase through our loyal customers.
One of our main goals are to make sure customers are never let in the dark. Its all about loving our product but understanding its culture too - no compromise for absolute quality. Anyone who buys our product will understand our passion to create the best coffee experience. 

The Beans
Guatemala, Paraiso 
Varietal - Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon
Process - Washed
Taste: Orange, Plum, Caramel

The Brew 
16g of Coffee250ml of Water
30 Second Bloom with Agitation
3 Minute 30 Second Total Brew Time

Taste Notes: This coffee definitely packed a fruity punch, with some super delicious stone fruit notes and subtle sweetness, it was a super incredible cup to taste.
As it cooled it has more of a sweet brown sugar taste, with a slight fruity acidity deep in the body. It was a fantastic cup! 

Find Craft House 

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