Brighton Coffee Festival 2019

Brighton, my favourite place in the UK. 
When I found out they were holding their very own coffee festival this year, I practically screamed - I'd been looking forward to this Coffee Festival for months, and not to ruin the blog post, but it did not disappoint 

After a lovely 2 hour drive at 6am to Brighton after still not recovering from Brighton Pride the weekend before and then working 5 days straight, I was in tip top (very over-tired, running on empty) shape. 
None the less, I beat the traffic, and went for a lovely walk around the (quiet) beach and around the lanes, until a coffee shop opened 

I stumbled across Lost In The Lanes Cafe (a fantastic and real creative name, since I was literally wandering down lanes) - I had a fab long black and a lovely chat with the Barista about how she was sad she wasn't able to get out of work to go to the festival (please let the lovely lady have the day off for 2020 BCF!!!!)

Swiftly heading to the festival ---

 The festival was held in Brighton's famous Open Market, the perfect location for the event - and unlike some coffee events, the staff and volunteers were so lovely, smiley, knew what they were doing and just generally made the day so much easier for everyone

(now it turns out I got a bit excited about the day and took around 5 photos total - so the lovely people at BCF said I could use some from their Facebook albums (what legends!) so enjoy these GOOD photos because lets be honest, this puts my photography to SHAME) 

Iz and I sat down for the majority of the talks that were held - Including "how to set up your own coffee shop" (pictured above) which was a really interesting talk, and definitely put into perspective how much there is to think about if you want to have your own cafe 

Although my favourite talk of the day came from Tash from Pharmacie Coffee Roasters, it was an incredible talk about how discrimination, racism, sexism, and transphobia is still very much prominent in the Coffee Industry. 
Very eye opening and insightful, and she has the voice of an angel, I could listen to her speak for hours

As per tradition, Izzy and I got our regular Coffee Festival selfie and boomerang - would it be the same without it?

My highlights from Brighton Coffee Festival 

- Seeing both Ben + Ella (@baristaprogress / @mother.pucker) absolutely smash it in the Latte Art Throwdown
- Getting a Brighton Coffee Guide (because now I'll never run out of coffee places to go when I'm next in Brighton)
- Finally getting to try coffees from Pharmacie, Red Roaster Coffee, Horsham Coffee Roasters and getting to chat to everyone!! 
- The art-work from Pelicano Coffee Company was insane 
- The incredible talks (yes I'm bringing them up again) I think it's a vital part of any Coffee Festival to have talks about the industry, whichever part they may be talking about 
 - Getting to meet and network to so many different people
- THERE WERE SO MANY DOGS THERE (the true highlight) 

At least the photographers made me look good, cant complain about that

I got given a cheeky little sample from Red Roaster Coffee, which I thought I'd do a quick lil section on it because it was YUM

About this coffee -

Red Roaster Coffee Co - Roasted in Brighton
Kinini Washing Station
Rwanda Cocatu 
Red Bourbon
Washed Process
Taste - Blackcurrant, Hibiscus, Sugarcane 

Through V60 
17g of Coffee
275ml of Water
inc 40ml bloom for 25 seconds
2 minute 25 total brew time

I have tried endless Rwandans this year, but I wont lie this is up there with the top ones I have tried this year - it was super mellow, had citrus'y tea like flavours, super light and a delight to drink 

I think that pretty much sums up the first ever Brighton Coffee Festival - It was incredible, and I really cant wait until next year

What were your highlights from Brighton Coffee Festival? 

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